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  • Self Defence Tips for Women

    Self Defence Tips for Women

    1. React Immediately 2. Resist 3. Avoid Crime Scene #2 4. Never Give Up Crime scene #2 is the where a victim is taken after the initial crime (“come with me,” “get in the car”). The second “crime scene” is, statistically, ALWAYS worse than the first “crime scene.” This means that if you’re ever confronted with a bad situation —you NEVER, EVER GO WITH SOMEONE to a second place or location. Never. If you have to fight or escape or raise a commotion to get attention, you do it right where it happens. Never go with someone, get in someone’s car, or allow yourself to be taken —to a ....

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  • Martial Arts - its NOT about violence

    Martial Arts - its NOT about violence


    Just the other day a parent asked me if she asked “Do I think that Martial Arts classes promote violent behaviour in young boys?” I thought it was a fine question. Yes, there have been a few cases (very few) of students “playing martial arts” with friends, the same way they play as their favourite superheroes, but I’ve never heard of the play being malicious or hurtful. I do, however, hear many stories of my young students using the kind of restraint we talk about in almost every class. I hear many stories of the young people in my program –and other martial arts schools ....

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  • Adults learn Martial Arts Philsophy


    The Philosophy Behind the Martial Arts
    * One of the most priceless gifts of martial arts practice is to get to know yourself internally and externally. * Our main goal is to use the body to reach and learn to master the mind. Once you have mastered your mind you will have no desire to ever fight. * In real martial arts, even when faced with the situation, you can stay calm and cantered and make the best choices in that moment. * Martial arts training helps us learn to deal with adversity. * Through the practice we become aware of what we think and why. What shapes our values and beliefs, and then we can step back and look at it with more of a pure mind. * ....

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  • Dealing with Aggressive Behaviour

    Dealing with Aggressive Behaviour

    Most people never have the experience or knowledge to deal with aggressive behaviour before it happens. As part of our self-defence classes at Tring Martial Arts Academy, we will teach you methods such as are listed below to ensure you are properly prepared should the worst happen. No one can say with any certainty what they would do if faced with difficult or stressful situations. Many factors can affect the way you behave; from your own confidence and experience to how you are feeling on the day. There are no right or wrong answers but it will help if you think through the options ahead of time. Be aware of changes in the behaviour of the person ....

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  • Adrenaline can be your friend AND your enemy

    I love the work of Rory Miller, the author of “Mediations on Violence” , in my opinion the best Martial Arts/Real World book out there. I came across this article by Rory and think its absolutely spot on. Most people can’t fight ‘cold’. They need the emotional edge of fear or anger to get over the taboos involved in hurting people. Not everyone, but almost everyone. Even very experienced fighters, whether good guys or bad guys, want to be “in the zone” just like any other athlete. Part of being in the zone is an optimum level of adrenalization. I’ll use adrenaline throughout this as easy shorthand, but know that ....

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  • Bag Workouts for increased Fitness

    Bag Workouts for increased Fitness

    Kickboxing Bag Workouts
    At Tring Martial Arts we use kickboxing bags, also known as heavy bags, to develop our skills and power. Kickboxing bags, like boxing bags are heavy and very hard when struck. You should always use a pair of approved gloves and consider wrapping your hands and wrists with bag wraps prior to working out. Remember that correct technique will make any strike “feel” better but every strike will hurt until our Instructors have helped you to condition your body. Tring Martial Arts provides many other types of equipment for your use including:- 1. Heavy bags 2. Floor to Ceiling Ball (develops accuracy and reactions) 3. Speed Ball (helps to condition ....

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  • Adults Love Kickboxing at TMA

    Adults Love Kickboxing at TMA

    The Benefits Of Kickboxing at Tring Martial Arts Academy Overview
    I saw an advert recently for Street Rugby, I’ve never heard of it before and it made me think that nowadays we have so many exercise alternatives available to us that it can be difficult to find one suitable for you. For those who have met me, I am sure you can’t imagine me at a Zumba or Salsa Fitness class, likewise standing on a vibrating plate just wouldn’t suit me at all! I believe that Kickboxing offers an attractive alternative. You don't need to become a prizefighter when you sign up for a Kickboxing class at Tring Martial Arts but you will quickly learn that this is a fitness activity that ....

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  • Social Benefits Adults Training at Tring Martial Arts

    Social Benefits Adults Training at Tring Martial Arts

    When you train for your next belt, whether in class or in private tuition, you’re sure to meet fellow martial artists along the way. You’ll find the camaraderie within the martial arts world is unmatched in any other sport. In addition to making new friends, you stand to reap other social rewards as well. 14. You Get to Rub Shoulders with the Best Martial Artists in the World

    In our Academy everyone progresses at their own paste without any unhealthy peer pressure: Mother of three, 56-year-old mature learner, instructor candidate; black belt professional. That’s one of the truly unique things about training martial arts with us. 15. You Will Join the Martial ....

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  • Mental Health Benefits for Adults Training at Tring Martial Arts

    Mental Health Benefits for Adults Training at Tring Martial Arts

    Although the physical benefits of doing martial arts are thrilling, the mental rewards you stand to reap are even greater, because they are truly timeless. The mental edge you’ll develop by becoming a martial artist will never fade. 8. You Will Be More Productive
    Training in the martial arts will clear your mind and sharpen your focus. Not only will you have more “lightbulb” moments during exercise, you’ll also return to your day feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the tasks that lie ahead of you. Essentially, as your body becomes stronger your mind will follow. 9. You Will Learn to Handle Stress More Effectively
    You will learn the profound skill of ....

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  • Physical Benefits of Martial Arts for Adults

    Physical Benefits of Martial Arts for Adults

    1. You Will Lose Weight
    The first thing that you’ll probably notice as a martial artist in training is that your clothes will become too big. That’s because our training will make you as fit and healthy as you have been in your life. Plus, you’ll become more in control of your life and you’ll want to eat a healthy, well balanced diet that supports your training. 2. You Will Look and Feel Years Younger
    When we neglect our bodies, imperceptibly over time we gradually accept lower standards of fitness, of health and therefore living. Worse, we don’t even realize how bad we feel, until we wake up and get fit. Training in the martial arts will reconnect ....

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