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  • What I enjoy about TMA is...

    On Monday 2nd September 2019 Phoebe Henry joined us for a Work Shadowing Day in the TMA office. As part of her day we asked her to write an article about what she enjoys most about being a member of TMA. What I enjoy most about TMA is the courage and kindness they teach us. I love how they help push us to our limits but the TMA crew know what we can and can't do. They are understanding about everything. Training is extremely fun and I enjoy every bit. They try to keep everything tidy and professional. Training helps me get all of my anger out and calms me down, I learn how to defend myself but also not to use my skills if I get angy, only to use them for self defence. Tring Martial Arts ....

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  • Stop Comparing Your Life - Start Living It!!

    Stop Comparing Your Life - Start Living It!!

    The first few sentences of this blog article are going to make me sound like an old man, just like my dad used to criticise my rave and techno music (EDM for those who weren’t there but wished they were) and his dad before him who probably criticised his Elvis or Rock n Roll, but I would like to beg your indulgence for a few minutes and ask you to read this article because its not based upon some jaded view of the internet from someone who can remember life before it, like it used to somewhat better. Instead this article is about remembering one’s true purpose and intrinsic value not in the sum of your Likes or Follows. Before the pre-amble gets too much let me cut to the ....

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  • 1 Month Free Fitness Classes for ALL TMA Members & Parents!

    1 Month Free Fitness Classes for ALL TMA Members & Parents!

    1 Month Free Fitness Classes for ALL TMA Martial Art Members AND Parents!!
    That's right, as part of our relaunch of our daytime fitness classes we have an incredible offer for all Members and Parents of TMA, a full 1 month of free fitness classes taking place at the following times:
    Monday - 9:15am - Ladies Only Circuit Training
    Tuesday - 1:00pm - Mixed Fitness Kickboxing
    Wednesday - 9:15am - Ladies Only Circuit Training
    Thursday - 1:00pm - Mixed Fitness Kickboxing To claim your free month of membership you MUST be either be a Member of Tring Martial Arts Academy with an up to date membership OR a parent/guardian of a member of Tring Martial Arts Academy. Prior booking of your first ....

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  • Lunchtime Fitness Kickboxing launching September

    Lunchtime Fitness Kickboxing launching September

    New for September 2019 - Lunchtime Fitness Kickboxing at 1pm with Sensei Chris Peck
    Our 45 minute Fitness Kickboxing classes combine martial art and kickboxing techniques with circuit based fitness training. Open to BOTH Martial Arts and UltraFit Members! Classes led by experienced fully qualified Kick-boxing Instructors Burn up to 800+ Calories in one session!!! Imagine never dreading a workout again. No more endless miles on the treadmill or waiting for your turn at the squat rack. Life's too short for boring workouts! Each Themed Bout is accompanied by a killer soundtrack to keep your energy high and as every Bout is NON-CONTACT you know it will be 100% effective and safe! And with a ....

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  • Ultrafit - New Classes Launching....

    Ultrafit - New Classes Launching....

    New Ultrafit Classes Launching on Monday 2nd September 2019

    From Monday 2nd September 2019 we are relaunching our Ultrafit classes to cater for the many people who have expressed an interest in after school drop off classes. Our HiiT based fitness classes are circuit based and take place on Monday & Wednesday at 9:15am for 45 minutes. We are also launching a Tuesday and Thursday lunchtime (1pm) Fitness Kickboxing class available to BOTH Ultrafit and Martial Art Members. UltraFit Circuit Classes
    At UltraFit Tring, we are proud to help people of all fitness levels find success. Our Group Fitness training combines the best aspects of bodyweight movements, kettlebell training, and ....

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  • World Health Qigong Day 2019

    World Health Qigong Day 2019

    World Health Qigong Day - Saturday 14th September 2019
    On Saturday 14th September we are celebrating World Health Qigong Day with a special free Qigong session taking place at our academy between 12:30pm and 2pm. Qigong (or ch'i kung) is an internal Chinese meditative practice with over 3000 years of history, which often uses slow graceful movements and controlled breathing techniques. The Chinese believed that through gentle exercise which incorporates the mind, breathing and body helps to cultivate and promote circulation of qi within the human body, thus enhance a practitioner's overall health. Come and meet our talented qualified Health Qigong instructor Pam Nicklin. Limited Spaces, ....

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  • Changes to Terms and Conditions

    Changes to Terms & Conditions of Membership Effective 1 st September 2019 We take our students’ goals seriously, never forgetting that your goals are of the upmost importance to you and therefore to us. To enable us to help you achieve your goals members and management abide by a comprehensive set of Terms and Conditions of Membership and in accordance with those terms I am writing to inform you of some important changes that will become effective on 1 st September 2019. Please note that only conditions that have changed are detailed below, for a full set of terms and conditions please request a copy from us at or call 01442 795001. Scheduled ....

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  • Tring School - Back again in September 2019!

    Tring School - Back again in September 2019!

    Tring School Kickboxing Classes back again in September 2019
    We are proud to announce that Tring School has re-engaged Tring Martial Arts Academy to provide Kickboxing Classes as a PE option to their pupils from September! We have been working with Tring School for 12 months now and are looking forward to offering their students a fantastic training experience in our purpose built dojo (training hall) on the Silk Mill Business Park. We know they are going to love our new Bag Room with 6 hanging punchbags to aid their training experience! ....

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