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Update - Belt Colours

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Update - Belt Colours

Martial Art Belt Colour Changes

Due to problems in regular supply of our advanced grade martial art belts we have switched over to a new supplier and in turn have changed the colours of some of the belts.  The belt running order is as follows:


  1. White
  2. White with Yellow Stripe
  3. Yellow
  4. Orange


  1. Green
  2. Blue
  3. Purple
  4. Brown


  1. Brown with White Stripe
  2. Brown with 2 White Stripes
  3. Brown with Black Stripe (Replaces Brown with Red Stripe)
  4. Black with White Stripe (Replaces Brown with 2 Red Stripes)

Black Belt In Training

  1. Black with Red Stripe

Black Belts

  1. Cadet Black Belt (children aged between 10 and 12), two years duration to Junior Black Belt and training in older curriculum).
  2. Junior Black Belt (children aged between 13 and 16), 1 year duration to Junior Black Belt 1st Degree.
  3. Junior Black Belt 1st Degree
  4. Adult Black Belt (16 years and over) 1 year duration to 1st Dan
  5. Adult Black Belt 1st Dan (2 years to 2nd Dan)
  6. Adult Black Belt 2nd Dan (3 years to 3rd Dan)*
  7. Adult Black Belt 3rd Dan and beyond as far as 10th Dan

* We follow traditional duration's between Dan Grades.


Should you have any questions please speak to your instructor or call us on 01442 795001.

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