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Egerton Rothesay Double Their Training at TMA!

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Egerton Rothesay Double Their Training at TMA!

Egerton Rothesay School x2 their training at TMA!

We are proud to announce that from September 2019 Egerton Rothesay School from Berkhamsted have confirmed they will be bringing 2 groups of children to our academy on the Silk Mill Business Park to experience our award winning martial arts and life skills training.  Egerton Rothesay is a non-selective school in Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire, with a mainstream curriculum catering for children from 5-19 years. They provide support for pupils who need specialist input within school because of a specific educational need – such as dyslexia, dyspraxia, speech and language needs or an autistic spectrum condition.

Martial arts can be of benefit to those on the autism spectrum. Whilst the severity of the conditions the term covers can vary greatly, the benefits can be felt by both adults and children alike.

At Tring Martial Arts we understand the far reaching benefits of discipline, respect and self-control that come with our martial arts training.  Autistic children and adults seem to thrive in our environment because they enjoy the practising of techniques to achieve fluency and this kind of exercise has been seen to significantly improve Stereotypy (the measure of repetitive motions caused by autism).

Martial arts teaches self-control, self-awareness, discipline and respect to any one of any age or gender willing to learn. All children require structure, routine and discipline to lead a happy, balanced life and when all of these things are present, they thrive. These are all elements that exist in martial arts, which represent an effective therapy for children affected by Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) as well.

The personal discipline and routine that are established in our classes have a virtuous effect on a child’s sense of achievement. As well as the proud moment when they are awarded the next colour belt, self esteem can be hugely boosted by the increased standing they have amongst their peers and the general sense of self-confidence that martial arts training provides.

Whilst a child who experiences difficulties at school with ADHD can become very frustrated with their lack of academic progress, martial arts offers a way from them to achieve something meaningful away from the rigid classroom setting.

At Tring Martial Arts Academy, we understand that martial arts exercise not only the body, but also helps the mind to concentrate, which can be of particular benefit to children with ADHD. Once your child understands that correlation between mind and body, they are better able to cope with situations that they would otherwise struggle in - such as in school.

We are therefore thrilled that Egerton Rothesay school has recognised our curriculum and instructors in this way and look forward to bringing the benefits of martial arts training too them from September 2019.

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