What is Tai Chi

What is Tai Chi

What is Tai Chi

According to Tai Chi Society

What is Tai Chi?
Tai Chi is also a healing art that originated in China more than two thousand years ago. It is a series of continuous, circular, slow, relaxed and smooth flowing movements that has numerous health benefits for people of all ages and health conditions. Tai Chi is not just a form of physical exercise; tremendous Qi is generated and circulates throughout the body when one adheres to certain theories of movement, specific posture alignment and -- in one or two of the forms -- particular breathing. The callisthenics of Tai Chi attracts many more practitioners than Qigong, as does its feeling of fluidity of movement.

Tai Chi Forms
The forms in Tai Chi follow certain rules and involve intricate body mechanics; both are necessary conditions for the energy and power to be produced. The direction and the flow of the energy and power within the body are controlled by the forms. Done correctly, the form stimulates the energy and power, freeing up blocked pathways and allowing the Qi to flow throughout the body more effectively. The aspirant needs to learn each form to a stage where it can be practised by oneself, which for a basic form can take up to twenty minutes or more depending on the form and the individual because it involves technique. The Tai Chi forms -- except the very simple ones -- take considerably longer to learn than even the more complex forms of Qigong. And while everyone has their own natural style of movement, so long as the forms in Tai Chi comply with the specific rules the essence is retained; the forms must adhere to the Tai Chi principles because otherwise the art is not Tai Chi.

Practising Tai Chi Forms
Tai Chi is a series of forms which are not repeated as in Qigong; instead one form is followed by another, with each form an integral part of the next to make up a continuous flowing movement. Because each form is connected, a ‘path’ is built and the Qi can flow in a continuous stream throughout the practice. This Qi produces the energy that, at a high level of regular practice, is stored in the back bone. When people see Tai Chi it is clear that it is not a warm-up because the forms are in a continuous series with every movement highly crafted. Learning Tai Chi is quite an endeavour, which in itself is relished by many practitioners. Learning the forms also improves flexibility, coordination and balance that lead to precision with further practice.


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Beginners Tai Chi is taught on Wednesday evenings at 7pm and Intermediate / Advanced is at 8pm.  The beginners class is held weekly with new people joining all the time.  Find our more at https://tringmartialarts.com/classes/Tai-Chi

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