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Social Benefits Adults Training at Tring Martial Arts

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Social Benefits Adults Training at Tring Martial Arts

When you train for your next belt, whether in class or in private tuition, you’re sure to meet fellow martial artists along the way. You’ll find the camaraderie within the martial arts world is unmatched in any other sport. In addition to making new friends, you stand to reap other social rewards as well.

14. You Get to Rub Shoulders with the Best Martial Artists in the World

In our Academy everyone progresses at their own paste without any unhealthy peer pressure: Mother of three, 56-year-old mature learner, instructor candidate; black belt professional. That’s one of the truly unique things about training martial arts with us.

15. You Will Join the Martial Arts Elite

Once you achieve your Black Belt you will become one of the fitness and martial arts elite no mater how long it will take you. You will have accomplished something that only one percent of the population dare try. That puts you in more of an elite class than a Hollywood star. Now that’s sure to impress your friends and co-workers, not to mention anyone you’re meeting for the first time.

Perhaps the most profound benefits of all to train in the martial arts are those you least expect. Setting out on this mission will not only shrink your waistline and give you more confidence; it will transform your life in ways you never imagined.

16. You Will Have an Increased Sense of Purpose in Your Life

There are times in our lives when we find ourselves unfulfilled on deep, intangible levels, and we cannot explain why. We may have everything we want: a fulfilling career, a wonderful family, a strong network of loving friends. We just can’t put our finger on our underlying restlessness. Focusing you attention on an exciting, positive and challenging goal such as achieving a Black Belt can breathe renewed purpose into your life and channel away some of that restlessness. The martial arts are a noble pursuit and an out-of-the box undertaking, and because of that people tend to wake up each morning feeling that they are on a mission.

17. You Will Become the Best That You Can Be
Are you tired of others telling you (or implying!) that you shouldn’t, you can’t or you won’t? Daily life rarely, if ever, provides us with the opportunity to be truly courageous, to show the world what we’re really made of, and to be recognised for our own greatness. Training in martial arts and achieving your Black Belt will provide you, and those around you, with physical proof that you are capable of more than anyone realises.

18. You Will Be a Hero to Your Kids
If your children watch you completing a martial arts grading, they may never look at you the same way. We live in times that do not give children sufficient positive role models. Once they see you training with discipline and striving to and achieving higher aspirations it will rub off on them and in turn inspire them to set themselves worthwhile goals in their lives.

19. You Will Motivate and Inspire Those around You
The courage and determination you show in pursuing a Black Belt may inspire those around you to elevate their fitness and their lives – or at the very least your quest will spark in others the possibility that they can do more. Bringing people to that realisation is a wonderful gift. Knowing that you have set an example for someone to go after their dreams or to make a positive change in their life is a reward that simply cannot be matched.

20. You Will Set Other Things in Motion – Things You Never Imagined
Many of our most successful students experience that training in the martial arts can totally transform your life. Some started to eat better, had more energy, stopped smoking and generally grew more sensitised to the joys of everyday life. Others have become more passionate and giving because they felt so good about themselves. The moment you start achieving some of your training goals, i.e. passing your first belt grading, you will be astounded at the new realm of possibilities that open up for you. The only obstacles barring your way are your self-imposed excuses, fears and doubts. Overcoming them, and moving past them to where your real power dwells is what martial arts training is all about.

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