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Bag Workouts for increased Fitness at Tring Martial Arts Academy

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Bag Workouts for increased Fitness at Tring Martial Arts Academy

Kickboxing Bag Workouts

At Tring Martial Arts we use kickboxing bags, also known as heavy bags, to develop our skills and power. Kickboxing bags, like boxing bags are heavy and very hard when struck.  You should always use a pair of approved gloves and consider wrapping your hands and wrists with bag wraps prior to working out.

Remember that correct technique will make any strike “feel” better but every strike will hurt until our Instructors have helped you to condition your body.

Tring Martial Arts provides many other types of equipment for your use including:-

1. Heavy bags
2. Floor to Ceiling Ball (develops accuracy and reactions)
3. Speed Ball (helps to condition arms to resist lactic acid and develops reactions and timing)
4. Low Kick Bag (for developing Low kicks and sweeps)
5. Grappling Dummies / Cage Fitness bags (for ground and pound training)
6. Free Weights
7. Skipping Ropes
8. Focus Mitts and Kick Shields

Dynamic Warm-Up
After some light stretching and movement to the point where you have broken a sweat, begin working the heavy bag in one-minute rounds. For the first round, stay on your toes and circle the bag, moving in and out. Do not punch or kick. Introduce jabs to the movement for the second round, jab-cross and jab-hook combinations for the third round, light kicks for the fourth round, and hand and kick combinations for the fifth round.

Start with eight, 12 or 16 repetitions of a lead-leg round kick. Next, add a lead-hand back fist and do the same number of repetitions of the combination. Continue to add punches and kicks to the combination until you've built a three- to eight-movement combo. Once you've developed your combination, switch sides and work it with the opposite hand and foot.

Our heavy bags make outstanding training tools to build your endurance. 

Using our timer for 1 minute rounds, punch and kick the bag as if it were a real opponent, imagining you are in the ring as a professional fighter. Circle the bag, focusing on footwork and developing your combinations and evasive maneuvers. Never stop moving. Start with five 1-minute rounds with a one-minute rest period between rounds. Work up to 10 1-minute rounds. You can also increase the intensity by skipping rope during the rest periods.

The last part of your heavy bag session should be the development of power. Working skill-based techniques and combinations requires fresh legs, arms, lungs and mind to ensure you are properly achieving your training objectives. Developing raw power on the bag should leave you feeling completely wiped out at the end of the session. 

While there are several approaches to power training, one popular method is to simply go all out and kick and punch the bag as hard as you can for one to five minutes. Sometimes referred to as the "mad minute," these rounds are designed so that every technique thrown is done with the intent of delivering a knockout. Another technique for power is to condense the "mad minute" to the last 30 seconds of each training round which is a popular method at Tring Martial Arts.

Tring Martial Arts offers professional training in Kickboxing, Krav Maga, Tai Chi and Cage Fitness.  See our website www.tringmartialarts.com 


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