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Self Defence Tips for Women in Tring

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Self Defence Tips for Women in Tring


1. React Immediately

2. Resist

3. Avoid Crime Scene #2

4. Never Give Up

Crime scene #2 is the where a victim is taken after the initial crime (“come with me,” “get in the car”). The second “crime scene” is, statistically, ALWAYS worse than the first “crime scene.”

This means that if you’re ever confronted with a bad situation —you NEVER, EVER GO WITH SOMEONE to a second place or location. Never.

If you have to fight or escape or raise a commotion to get attention, you do it right where it happens. Never go with someone, get in someone’s car, or allow yourself to be taken —to a second location.

Fight it out where it happens; resist and keep resisting —and NEVER GIVE UP.

“Expect the best, prepare for the worst,” that’s the mantra for all self-defence situations.

This particular lesson is about what to do when a situation is not good, really bad, or downright dangerous.

First, if at all possible, never allow a situation that’s not good, to get bad —or really bad. Trust your instincts; when things don’t feel right, get out, get away, and get help.

If you think or feel something strange or potentially dangerous is going down, go away —as fast as is humanly possible.

In a worst-case scenario, the second lesson is that in self-defence there ARE NO RULES.

In a weird or bad situation, you get to (must) break all the rules of society and every rule of civilized behaviour you’ve ever been taught, as when you’re in danger (or even feel like you might be in danger) the last thing you should do is “follow the rules” or “act like a lady” or “don’t bring attention to yourself.”

When you’re in danger it’s perfectly OK to lie (and lie big). It’s OK to hit (and hit hard).

It’s OK to scratch, bite, kick, punch, throw things, and scream. While it would be completely inappropriate to throw, Oh say, a rock through a window in a “normal” situation, in a dangerous situation you can throw anything you want through any window that might make noise, get attention, or otherwise provide an escape route.

You could throw a lamp into a window, you could throw a coffee table through it, heck, you could drive a car through a window if you had a chance to do so, as every rule should be broken when you feel threatened or in danger.

While some dangers can sneak up upon us, like a car accident we don’t see coming, other kinds of danger give us lots of advance warning, if we’ll only pay attention to it.

An advance warning might come in the form of the stranger hanging around, the group of people standing at the end of a hall, the door left open, the odd request for help or assistance, the lights all turned off, or the party that seems a little too wild or somehow peculiar.

You might feel the hair stand up on the back of your neck or you might have an “inner voice” telling you “this is strange.” Whatever it is, when you get the feeling things aren’t right, get away; get away fast.

Note: I don’t EVER want YOU to be in a dangerous situation.

I also don’t want you to live in fear, I don’t want you to feel paranoid, scared, or constantly at-risk, but I DO want you to know your options, I want you to know that you can fight for your life if you should ever be put in a situation that requires it.

I want you to have SOME training in life-threatening self-defence, so that you are never caught without some of those “tools” in your toolbox.


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