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Is Martial Arts Dangerous at Tring Martial Arts Academy?

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Is Martial Arts Dangerous at Tring Martial Arts Academy?

Is martial arts dangerous? Well at Tring Martial Arts Academy thanks to our highly trained instructors and strict adherance to our safety rules the only injuries have mainly been minor cuts and bruises.

In general however, Martial Arts doesn't even make the top 5 most dangerous sports for children according to the BBC. 

Children and adolescents account for nearly half of A&E attendances for sporting injuries, research suggests.

An analysis of A&E data at two hospitals between 2012 and 2014 found 47% of attendances for sport-related injuries were made by under-19s.

Football, rugby union and rugby league were linked to the most injuries in boys. For girls, it was trampolining, netball and horse-riding.




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