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Junior Leadership Programme at Tring Martial Arts Academy

Junior Leadership Programme at Tring Martial Arts Academy

Junior Leadership Programme - Registrations Open

Our Junior Leadership Programme is an optional extension of our already successful and well-subscribed Instructor Development Programme for Teens and Adults.  Every instructor who has ever taught at TMA has been taught directly by me through this programme.  The Junior Leadership Programme teaches children to be leaders and not followers in a crowd.  It teaches our young students to resist peer pressure and do the right thing.  Junior Leaders will learn how to set an example and to be a role model.  They will learn responsibility by being asked to help out in class, to be a team leader in class drills and mentor younger students showing them how to behave in class.

I have designed the Junior Leadership Programme to educate, inform, inspire and challenge students to set a new standard of excellence for themselves. Leadership training improves self-confidence and prepares them to act as role models, work as a team, assist those in need, set goals, take responsibility and communicate effectively.  I would now like to encourage and develop the future leaders of tomorrow, by launching the Junior Leadership Programme and teach these important life skills at an earlier stage.  

The Junior Leadership Programme includes:
1 Leadership Class per quarter on a Saturday morning at 8am
1 Leadership Practice Class Per Week (your usual class but helping the instructor)
Complete 30 Page Leadership Training Manual
Junior Leaders Badge & Gold Star Achievement Badges

Junior Leadership Programme costs £120 per year or £10 per month, alternatively you can purchase 12 months for the price of 10 (£100)

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