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Virtual Classes FAQ

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Virtual Classes FAQ

Virtual Classes FAQ


In January 2020, we launched our Online University where we envisaged students being able to access pre-recorded instructional videos on each phase of our curriculum, so we were already ahead of the curve by the time the Coronavirus became more serious in the UK.  After the initial messages from the government about social distancing and avoiding leisure businesses, we operated BOTH physical and virtual classes.  Finally, when the government ordered us to close we moved everything to virtual and have found that the Zoom App is the most suited to our classes.

The following FAQ should answer most of the questions we have received and answered lately.  Of course, if something is missing then please call us on 01442 795001 between 1pm and 4pm Weekdays. 

We have been tremendously overwhelmed by the amount of students who wish to continue to support us by maintaining their membership fee for as long as they are able. 

1. I am maintaining a membership fee - what is available to me?

Thank you for your continued support! Your generosity means we can provide you access to:

  • Weekly Virtual Classes - Monday to Thursday
  • Online University - Free Access to Current Phase of Curriculum

2. I have suspended my membership - what is available to me?

Students who have suspended their membership via our Suspension Scheme may access:

  • Online University - Free Access to Current Phase of Curriculum

3. I have cancelled my membership - what is available to me?

Firstly, we completely understand that not everyone can afford to support us at this time, which is why we are making the Online University available to you.  Our affordable paid content will keep you up to date during this time, and when you are able to return to either the online classes or our physical ones you will be welcomed back with open arms.

4. How do I access Virtual Classes and Online Content?

Facebook Groups

There are two methods for accessing our classes and online content.  The first port of call would be to visit the Groups Section of our Facebook Page at www.Facebook.com/TringMartialArtsAcademy/groups apply to the group that you normally train in, answer the questions and your application will be validated within 24 hours.

We operate Facebook Groups for 4-6, 6-10, 10-12, Teens & Adults FMA, Krav Maga and UltraFit

Whats App Groups

You can also apply to join the Whats App groups for each age group.  Simply message us through our facebook page or email customercare@ukma.org and we will add you.

Online University

Links to either the free or paid content on our online university are regularly shared via the Whats App and Facebook groups.  Alternatively, email customercare@ukma.org and we will send you the links.

5. Do I need a lot of space to join in with the Virtual Classes?

No, almost all of the activities we are operating online involve nothing more than 1 metre square, some students use hall ways but most find enough space in their living rooms?

6. Recommended Devices?

We recommend joining the Virtual Classes on a Laptop, Tablet or for even better enjoyment a Smart TV.  Once you have the meeting id and password, simply join the meeting and wait for it to start.

7. What Should I wear?

Please wear your Uniform and Belt to each class

8. Can I record the sessions?

No, instead we record most sessions and make them available for playback.

9. Any plans for Weekend Classes?

Once we were ordered to shut and we decamped our studio to Sensei Chris's front room we agreed with him and his family that we would limit their disruption to just Monday to Thursday.  Should the situation change and we be able to offer more classes this will be promoted in the face book groups.

10. I haven't joined a class before, what do I do?

Firstly, please don't leave this until the last minute, schedules are published weekly through the groups so please leave plenty of time to get to your first virtual class.

Step 1 - Download the Free Zoom App from your App Store - look for the logo on this article.

Step 2 - Join the groups and get the invites

Step 3 - Before the class is due to start click on the meeting link and password if applicable.

Step 4 - For your enjoyment of the class, join with your video (camera) ON and your microphone OFF (mute)

11. I need to physically speak to someone, how can I reach you?

The office is open Monday to Thursday from 1pm until 4pm on 01442 795001


Thank you for your continued support we wish you well during this uncertain time.

TMA Team


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