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Whats App Group Etiquette

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Whats App Group Etiquette

Whats App Group Etiquette

Dear Members

We are thrilled that so many of our members are taking such an active role in our classes and joining in with the community vibe via our What's App Groups.  However, as an administrator of these groups I have unfortunately had to remove some content that was shared and therefore I wanted to produce a guide to the etiquette we would like to see when using our community facebook groups which we hope will not diminish your enjoyment of the community, just give some structure to what is and is not acceptable.

The main purpose of each group we operate is to communicate to all members the latest class joining procedures and any club information or events that we feel would benefit members, therefore:

1. Please do not share any memes, videos or other content within the group - any unofficial content will be removed.

2. Please remember that some groups have over 50 members, such as the FMA Group and that 50+ members will see the information you are posting.  We welcome praise of other members, high fives, encouragement and "see you next time" comments and people love to be part of that.

3. Should you have an issue with joining a class, need to advise us of attendance or that you are having issues connecting please contact the group admins directly.  Please be patient we may be helping other students or teaching / administering other classes so you might not get an immediate response.

The Group Admins for are:

Sensei Chris Peck

Sensei Paula Andrews

Once again thank you for your support, we look forward to continuing to serve you in the months and weeks to come.




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