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Shihan's Self Belief Mindsets - If You Believe In Yourself Anything Is Possible

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Shihan's Self Belief Mindsets - If You Believe In Yourself Anything Is Possible

Shihan's Self Belief Mindsets

Shihan - is a Japanese term that is used in many Japanese martial arts as an honorific title for expert or senior instructors. It can be translated as "master instructor".

Mindset - the established set of attitudes held by someone.

Self Belief - to have confidence in ones own abilities and judgement.


If You Believe In Yourself Anything Is Possible

We look at others and we believe that somehow they have something we don’t and that perhaps they were always destined for more.  We tell ourselves that we don’t have it in us to live that way and to take the action that they do. We worry that we’re not brave enough to make the decisions needed to really live from a place of truth. Or worse, we fear we have nothing of value to offer!

These are all stories to keep us small and playing safe.  We have all these fears bubbling away inside us; the fear of failing, being seen, being rejected, being judged or even criticized for what we believe in. Instead of facing them had on, we choose to run and hide and in doing so we deprive the world of our gifts!

Maybe you’re someone who is scared of success itself… because who would you then have to be? What would have to change in your life, what would you no longer tolerate, who would you lovingly release and let go of.

Even when change is for the best it’s still scary! No one enjoys difficult conversations or potentially hurting someones feelings, and this can stop many people from fulfilling their potential! BUT, do you really want to dim your light for the sake of another? Is their happiness really more important than your own?

If you can see and feel the dream in your mind, then ANYTHING is possible.

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