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How to Combat Stress & Negativity Through Martial Arts Fitness at Tring Martial Arts Academy

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How to Combat Stress & Negativity Through Martial Arts Fitness at Tring Martial Arts Academy

How to Combat Stress & Negativity Through Martial Arts Fitness

Have you ever thought of martial arts as offering more than just teaching you how to defend yourself? Well, many don’t and with such a high number of people these days struggling with anxiety, perceived negativity about their lives and stress, it’s something that needs to be viewed through a different lense. 

That’s because martials isn’t all about defeating your opponent, as it also offers a myriad of associated physical and mental health benefits. Chief amongst these are a sense of calm, control and balance and in this article, we look at the ways in which martial arts can help you to combat stress and negativity.

Turning Negativity On its Head

When we get stressed and angry a large amount of energy fills the body and it’s fuelled by adrenaline and a surge of hormones. This emotional response is often short lived, however it can really leave a mark and when this energy is suppressed, it often leads to fatigue and negative thoughts.

Practicing martial arts in their many forms allows you release that pent-up energy and when you do so, you regulate your emotions and channel them into something positive.

Reduce Stress Through Improved Decision Making

No one is completely immune to stress, regardless of age, race or gender, as we all encounter difficult moments throughout our lives that test our patience and mental strength. One way in which this stress manifests itself is through overthinking every little decision you have to make.

Martial arts helps to train your skills in making quick, accurate decisions with the minimum of effort, allowing you to assess situations objectively and calmly. 

Reducing The Negativity of Fear

When stress and negativity are around, then fear is often never far behind and it’s this that makes us overthink the problems in our lives. Sure, it’s important to think about important issues, however, fear can cloud your judgement, making you feel stressed and unable to find a resolution.

Martial arts train you to develop fortitude of the mind needed to become much less fearful of the world around you. Fear is there to protect against things that you should be afraid of, not to dictate every action you take.

Learning Discipline Reduces Anxiety and Negativity

Visit a Tring Martial Arts training class and you’ll invariably find that discipline plays a central role in what’s being taught. As well as strengthening the body, they teach you how to use this strength in a responsible way and this control calls for high levels of self-discipline.

When you achieve increased self-discipline, you become someone who is much less swayed by your emotions and by the stress you encounter each day.

Learn Martial Arts & Free Yourself From Negativity & Stress

As you can see, there is much that martial arts offer in the combatting of stress and anxiety and we’ve not even talked about how they help to improve blood-flow, increase ‘feel-good’ endorphins and release muscle tension. The self-discipline and control over your emotions that it provides makes you much less susceptible to anxiety and stress that so many suffer with in the modern world.

So, if you’re dealing with stress and anxiety on a daily basis, you should remember that there is a way to change things. It’s not always easy and it does take hard work, but if you ask the vast majority of those that do engage in regular martial arts training, you’ll invariably find that they are calm, considered and happy people.

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