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Terms & Conditions Updated 5th May 2021

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Changes to Terms & Conditions of Membership

Effective 21st June 2021

We take our students’ goals seriously, never forgetting that your goals are of the upmost importance to you and therefore to us. To enable us to help you achieve your goals members and management abide by a comprehensive set of Terms and Conditions of Membership and in accordance with those terms I am writing to inform you of some important changes that will become effective on 21st June 2021.  Please note that only conditions that have changed are detailed below, for a full set of terms and conditions please request a copy from us at customercare@ukma.org or call 01442 795001.

Scheduled Opening / Closures: Our Classes operate throughout the year, we close on Public Holidays (8 days) and for 2 weeks at Christmas & New Year (12 days) and closed for 1 week in August (5 days) (from 2020) to allow the TMA team time to spend with their families during the summer.  Closure dates will be announced in advance.  Membership is calculated on the total number of classes available throughout a period of 12 months, this cost is then divided into equal monthly payments. 

Late Membership Payments – Card Payments. Membership payments are collected on the 1st day of each calendar month unless otherwise agreed and we shall continue to attempt membership collection every day from your nominated payment source until payment is received. Our Payment Processor charges a transaction fee whether or not the payment is successful therefore should we be unable to collect membership by the 10th of the month (formerly 15th of the month), membership will suspended until payment has been received and a late payment fee of £7 will be levied on the membership account for every 10 days that the membership remains un‐paid.

Late Membership Payments – Direct Debits. Should a direct debit fail for any reason and Tring Martial Arts Academy are unable to collect the membership on the agreed date a Penalty Fee of £7 will be charged to cover the merchant account fees and extra administration required to re‐present the direct debit mandate. The direct debit mandate will be re‐presented 3 times within a 30 day period. For every failed direct debit mandate, a Penalty Fee of £7 will be charged. Should the membership remain un‐paid for a period of 30 days, I understand that access to the programme will be suspended until the direct debit mandate and all Penalty Fees are paid.

Class Vouchers – Auto Renewals / Cancellations – Class Vouchers are only offered in our Specialist classes such as Tai Chi or Qigong.  Class Vouchers renew after either the 6th class (6 Class Voucher) or 12th class (12 Class Voucher) has been taken. Class Vouchers remain valid for a period of 6 months from date of purchase, once they expire the Class Voucher will automatically renew. Should you not wish to renew please let us know before the last class is claimed OR the Class Voucher expires. There are no refunds for missed or unused classes.

Membership Upgrade / Downgrades. Members may upgrade or downgrade their membership by giving 1 full calendar month of notice and paying 1 full calendar month fee and that the new membership fee will be at the prevailing rate.

Student Insurance. In line with government guidance we have increased our Club Insurance Policy to £10M cover, and each instructor's cover from £2M to £5M.  Each member pays a monthly contribution towards the costs of our Club insurance policy within their membership fees.  

Cancellation. In the unlikely event that you wish to cancel please email customercare@ukma.org providing 1 full calendar month of notice, and payment of 1 full calendar month fee. Cancelling your payment method does not constitute cancelling your membership.  Please ensure you follow the cancellation process to avoid any un‐necessary fees or charges levied against you. 

Pre-Booking Classes.  You must pre-book all classes in advance of attending, which may be a repeat booking or one-off booking either through the student app, website scheduler, by emailing customercare@ukma.org or by phoning 01442 795001.  Should you be unable to attend please cancel your booking within a 4 hour window so that we can offer your space to another student.  Should you be unable to attend and do not cancel your class booking this will be deducted from your monthly class allowance.

 Use of Non-Approved Clothing & Equipment.  Non-approved equipment or clothing must not be used in classes as this may invalidate our club insurance policy.

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