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The 7 Physical Benefits of training in the martial arts with Tring Martial Arts Academy

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For you to consider training in martial arts there have to be some serious, long-lasting benefits, right? Well, here seven:- Let’s start with the most observable payoffs: what will happen to your body. Physical 1. You Will Lose Weight The first thing that you’ll probably notice as a martial artist in training is that your clothes will become too big. That’s because our training will make you as fit and healthy as you have been in your life. Plus, you’ll become more in control of your life and you’ll want to eat a healthy, well balanced diet that supports your training. 2. You Will Look and Feel Years Younger Portrait of a sportswoman lifting heavy dumbbells in dark gym room When we neglect our bodies, imperceptibly over time we gradually accept lower standards of fitness, of health and therefore living. Worse, we don’t even realize how bad we feel, until we wake up and get fit. Training in the martial arts will reconnect you with your body and make you feel like you haven’t felt in years: young, energetic and powerful. And you’ll not only feel years younger but you’ll look better than ever, too. 3. You Will Have More Energy Energy forms the basis of our existence. It seems that we all have less and less of it as our schedules have grown increasingly hectic. Unfortunately for some people, exercise can exacerbate this problem by draining their energy rather than replenishing it. In an effort to get results or to lose weight fast, they may wind up over training and exhausting themselves. Not so with our training programmes. We will teach you how to exercise so that each every workout refreshes your body and clears tour mind, over time giving you more energy – so that you can perform better at work and at play. 4. You Will Learn How To Defend Yourself Effectively In our training we will show you how to defend yourself and your loved ones effectively by using a few simple strategies, such as reading the other persons body language and breathing properly. If you follow these and other techniques taught to you in our programmes you will get fast results in defending yourself without expending huge amounts of effort. It’s all about training smart, not hard. 5. You could ‘Injury-Proof’ Your Body If you train in any particular sport like running, for example, you continually stress the same parts of your body, and that can result in overuse injuries such as shinsplints, stress fractures, knee problems and tendinitis. Training in martial arts however incorporates many different types of exercise regimes. This cross-training as it is called, isn’t hard on the body, because it distributes the stress more effectively to your bones and muscles and develops more balanced fitness. This means less pain, fewer injuries and a stronger body. 6. You Will Improve Your Overall Health According to the British Journal of Sports Medicine, regular exercise can lower your blood pressure, prevent diabetes, heart disease and certain cancers and reduce your risk of osteoporosis and depression – just to name a few. Follow our training programmes and you will spend less time at the doctor’s and more time enjoying life! 7. You could Live Longer By preventing disease and fortifying your body, regular exercise can help you live a longer, more productive life. Training for something as complete as martial arts lays a foundation of fitness that will ensure that your later years are more pain-free and fun filled – so you’ll not only add years to your life but also life to your years.

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