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The Benefits of Kickboxing In Tring

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WHY DO IT? Overview I saw an advert recently for Street Rugby, I’ve never heard of it before and it made me think that nowadays we have so many exercise alternatives available to us that it can be difficult to find one suitable for you. For those who have met me, I am sure you can’t imagine me at a Zumba or Salsa Fitness class, likewise standing on a vibrating plate just wouldn’t suit me at all! I believe that Kickboxing offers an attractive alternative. You don't need to become a prizefighter when you sign up for a Kickboxing class at Tring Martial Arts but you will quickly learn that this is a fitness activity that everyone can enjoy. You’ll soon enjoy renewed confidence and alertness as your physical prowess improves. Self Defense Kickboxing teaches you kicks and punches that can help you fend off an attacker. You need only ask one of my students who recently fended off two muggers, using two punches and a kick. This student had only been training with Tring Martial Arts for a few months, and now he’s one of our biggest advocates. Balance & Coordination To correctly perform kicks, you need to have good balance. Repetitive practice of front, side and turning kicks help develop balance. As you progress in kickboxing, your hand-eye coordination improves as well. Combining your kicks and punches when you attack an opponent requires coordination. Experienced kickboxers know how to combine their punches and kicks in a flurry that disorients opponents. Reflexes If you want to avoid getting hit in kickboxing other than keeping your guard up, you need quick reflexes. Kickboxers practice defensive drills to improve their reflexes so as to hit an opponent when they see an opening. Delivering a kick at the right moment can mean the difference between winning and losing a match. Cardiovascular Endurance Kickboxing requires you to keep moving, punching and kicking for a two-minute round. A match can go up to three rounds. To be in shape for a fight, you need to do extensive cardio workouts. Let Tring Martial Arts train you to the fitness of a competitive fighter WITHOUT stepping in the ring. Fill out the short form on the side of the page for more information! ©UK Martial Arts Ltd 2011, all rights reserved.

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