Top 10 Tips for Childhood Abduction Prevention

Top 10 Tips for Childhood Abduction Prevention

Please share these tips with your children and review them often.  Children learn through role play so have fun and be creative.  Stranger Awareness and Abduction Prevention is a key life skill that we teach here at TMA, but it never hurts to remind your children of what to do and what NOT to do.  Child safety education should be fun and creative, education is the key, not scaring them to be afraid of going outside.  Teach them to be aware of themselves and their surroundings and you will raise a safe and healthy child.


2. Never tell anyone you are home alone

3. Never let a stranger into your house.

4. Never give a caller your name or address.

5. Never except sweets or gifts from a stranger.

6. Never get into a strangers car or get near it.

7. Always run to a busy place if a stranger follows you, then get help.  Look for a policeman or go into a police station or busy shop.

8. Always kick, yell and scream, "this is not my parent" if a stranger grabs you.

9. Learn your phone number and address

10. Never take risks or go somewhere you have never been before without your parents or carers.

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