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Being light on your feet and being able to react quickly and dynamically is key in martial arts training like Kickboxing or Krav Maga. These four training drills, as created by Ultra Fit magazine, could help you increase your speed and agility. Do one to four reps of each drill, making sure to recover properly in between, and record your times so that you can try to beat them next time. 1. The T Drill Set up: Lay out cones in a T shape. Place three cones in a line, with 5m in between each and one other cone 5m below the middle cone that marks the start point. Exercise: Sprint to the middle of the T from the start cone. From their side-step across to the left cone, then all the way across to the right cone, and then back to the centre cone. To finish, backpedal to the start cone. 2. 10m Shuttle Set up: Set two cones 10m apart in a line as shown in the diagram below. X X Exercise: Sprint towards the end cone from the start cone, when you reach it turn and sprint back, and then when you reach the start cone again, turn and sprint a final 10m. 3. Diagonal and Back Pedal Set up: Lay out nine cones as shown in the diagram below, with 10m between the two lines of cones. X1 X3 X5 X7 X X2 X4 X6 X8 (X9) Exercise: Start at cone X and then sprint to X1, then backpedal to X2. Sprint to X3 then back pedal to X4. Sprint to X5 then backpedal to X6. Sprint to X7 and then backpedal to X8. When you repeat the exercise start at X9 and sprint to X7 so you are going the opposite way. 4. Z Drill Set up: Lay out four cones in a square, with 10m between each of them, as shown in the diagram below. X3 X4 X1 X2 Exercise: Start at cone X1 and sprint to and around X2. From there sprint to and around X3 then past X4. This will have you running in a Z shape. Ace agility tips brought to you by Tring Martial Arts

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