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The secret that crisp manufacturers do not want you to know

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Everyone likes a bag of crisps for a snack when you’re hungry. But getting the most out of your Kickboxing or Krav Maga classes at Tring Martial Arts Academy relies just as much on the great classes as it does on what you eat. Nutritionist Justin Lord puts your crispy favourites on a scale of one to bad. 1 Twiglets – the best snack you can have. Twiglets are packed with wholewheat, B vitamins and anti-inflammatory celery seed. 2 Walkers Sunbites – These are made using whole wheat, corn and oat flour, with very few flavour enhancers. 3 Monster Munch – They’re loaded with the controversial food additive MSG and full of sat-fat so approach with caution. 4 McCoys – As well as containing MSG, these McCoy’s are also high in inflammation causing omeda-6 oils. 5 Kettle Chips – At 12g of fat per bag, these are the worst you could pick up from a Newsagent. Still tempted to snack? Then stick to oven baked tortilla chips or rice cakes, and try these skinny dips out as an accessory. Beetroot and Walnut dip: 4 large cooked beetroot, 250g low-fat crème fraiche, 1tsp of pomegranate molasses, handful of walnuts (lightly chopped) and 10 mint leaves. Artichoke and Ricotta dip: 60g fat-free mayonnaise, 110g low-fat live yoghurt, 50g ricotta, 60g chopped spring onion, 1 can artichoke hearts, chopped. Avocado, yoghurt and mango dip: 2 ripe avocados, 1 mango (diced), 100g fat-free yoghurt, juice of half a lemon, handful or coriander, handful of walnuts and some chilli flakes.

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