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How Martial Arts Can Help Family Unity

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How Martial Arts Can Help Family Unity

The Importance of Family Team Work

Once your child is enrolled in a martial arts class, the instructors will help them understand how important family unity is, and will help to demonstrate how they can play their part by helping out at home. No matter what size a family is, it is a team, and like any team it works best when every member understands the other members, while also understanding their own role within that team. As your child grows it can be difficult for them to know just what is expected of them, or where they fit within a family, and this can cause upset and confusion for everyone.

Although the development of family unity can take a lot of time and hard work, the effort is well rewarded, with families becoming happier, stronger and more successful.

Doing as you are Told

Martial arts promotes teamwork and discipline. During martial arts training, your child will learn to listen to the instructor with respect, and to follow instructions exactly as they are told to do so. Failure to do this means they won’t progress to the next grade and receive their next belt. This provides a strong motivation for your child to listen to commands, and then carry them out as instructed. Many parents have trouble when trying to get their children to obey them. This can cause disruption and upset within the family, which has an effect on everyone.

Helping with Household Chores

During training your child will be instructed about the value of giving help to others while expecting nothing in return. Helping people we care for can bring its own reward, as it helps to build and strengthen relationships, makes people appreciate each other, and helps the family team function better. Parents can play their part in helping foster this feeling, by giving their child small chores to complete around the house and encouraging the child to complete them. The sense of playing an important part in the life of the household will be reinforced by the sense of being part of the martial arts family, and will help reinforce the idea that everyone has roles and responsibilities. Every time your child completes a chore it will boost their sense of self-worth, and encourage them to continue actively participating in family life.

Understanding Others

As your child progresses in their martial arts training they will start to develop greater self awareness. With greater self awareness comes greater awareness of others. They will be encouraged to consider other people's feelings and points of view; to think about why parents, siblings or friends act in a certain way, and to consider the different ways they can respond. It is only by understanding others and developing a healthy sense of empathy, that a child can learn to function properly in the world.  At Tring Martial Arts we work closely with the families of our young students, integrating the lessons and values they learn during martial arts training into family life.

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