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My Work Experience at Tring Martial Arts Academy - by Reece Ellis

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My Work Experience at TMA by Reece Ellis (14)

1) List 10 reasons why to train at TMA?
One reasons to train at TMA is that you can do it on your own. I don’t like working in a team like football/rugby because I like to do it myself. Other reasons are that you learn a skill. I have learned many skills like to respect people and learn courage. Because of training at TMA I can now do things like talk to people about my problems. I also learned discipline, so I know when to stop like when we were messing around and the joke was getting stupid so I walked away. More reasons are that you want to get fit, have a hobby or even come from a different club. I remember when my old club relocated and I could not get there in time for the class, so I joined TMA and I am glad I did. If you and lonely or bored this is the place for you. Your never be bored here because TMA is always on the go and you will not be lonely because TMA is a friendly club. At the time when I joined I hardly knew anyone but now I almost know everyone.

2) List 5 things you have enjoyed?
I have enjoyed a lot of things. The most enjoyable thing is teaching. I have helped teach many classes now and have got to know the kids well and I like teaching them new things in the classes. I feel that they have fun In the lessons and that is a good feeling because I know that someday they will need defend themselves. I also enjoy the fitness part of TMA. I have improved dramatically from practise. I use to hate fitness but now (to a certain extent) like it. Also I like the lessons being fun. Most of the time we learn something new like a new kick, punch, excise or stretch and I like that, also it isn’t like the old martial arts where all of the staff are wear to robes and have long beards, no it is got a modern twist. The location is also very good for me because I do not live far away from the dojo. But the best is having a hobby to go to and train. Not many people get the option to have a hobby to go to more than twice a week. I have in enjoyed meeting new people and meeting the staff of TMA. All of the staff at TMA are friendly and will help if you ask.

3) If you had to give one piece of advice to set someone up for kick boxing what would it be.
There are many things to say like behave like you were at home, guard up and don’t injure yourself more, be ready for any think and there the one I have been told. They are important but I think that the most in portent is to have fun and be yourself.

4)     What have you learned have you learned through your work-experience at Tring Martial Arts Academy this week.
I was surprised to learn just how much goes on behind the scenes, I always thought that it was just about the teaching but was amazed by just how hard everyone works before and after the classes.

I learned all about websites and social media, and realised just how much time and care is taken in updating them.  Before coming to work at Tring Martial Arts Academy during my work-experience I believed that TMA must employ lots of people to perform all the work activities.  I soon realised that in fact, only a handful of people work here and they have to multi-task.  I was very impressed by how hard everyone worked for the members and could see that in the final outcome.
I feel better informed by this experience, and just how much responsibility everyone has when they start employment, especially in a small business like TMA.  

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