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Learn Gratitude with Martial Arts

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Learning to show Gratitude is a key part of training in the Martial Arts

If there is one thing that children can sometimes lack it is gratitude. Modern society encourages them to expect everything to be handed to them on a plate, and often, children are given whatever they want, so they never have to learn to properly appreciate life’s gifts. Martial arts training can help your child to develop a healthy sense of gratitude, as they learn to respect and appreciate the gifts and opportunities life gives to them.

Benefits of Being Grateful

A study carried out by researchers from Eastern Washington University identified four characteristics of people who demonstrate gratitude:

  1. They do not feel deprived or that they're “missing out”
  2. They acknowledge the part other people play in their own well-being
  3. They appreciate the simple things in life
  4. They realise the importance of expressing gratitude

Gratitude can have psychological benefits, such as increased alertness to the world, and heightened levels of pleasure, joy and optimism. The physical benefits include an improved immune system, lower blood pressure, less aches and pains, and better sleep. Gratitude also provides social benefits, with those that master being grateful reporting that they feel less lonely, while being more outgoing, compassionate and generous with other people.

When our instructors talk to your child about gratitude they will ask them to think about what gratitude looks and feels like, both to give and receive, and ask them to think about what behaviours are signs of gratitude.

How to Show Gratitude
During their martial arts training your child will be encouraged to show gratitude and appreciation for everything in their life. Not just the material things, but also the opportunities, support and guidance given to them by others in their life. They will also be encouraged to show their gratitude by their actions and words. There are many ways to show gratitude; it could be something as simple as saying ‘thank you’ to someone who has helped you, or it could be doing a small act of kindness in return, such as washing the plates to show gratitude to someone who cooked you a nice meal.

Once children grasp the idea of gratitude, and how important it is to both give and receive it, they will start to use it in every area of their life. At home they will be grateful to their parents, at school they will be grateful to their teachers, and with friends they will be grateful for the companionship.

Smiling and not Complaining
Happiness comes from our attitude towards the world, not from how rich we are or how many friends we have. People can appear to have everything and yet they are still not happy, whereas others can have very little but somehow always remain cheerful. This is because one is grateful for all they have and the other isn’t.

At Tring Martial Arts we will teach your child that smiling, and not complaining, is an approach to life which enables them to overcome the biggest challenges, while always remaining positive and upbeat.

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