48 Things We Do at Tring Martial Arts other than teach lessons

48 Things We Do at Tring Martial Arts other than teach lessons

Since we opened a decade ago we have come to realise that we don’t just teach martial art lessons, in fact this is what our members are actually paying for:-

  1. A Life Coach
  2. A Physcologist
  3. A Mentor
  4. An Inspirer
  5. A Supporter
  6. A Friend
  7. A Problem Solver
  8. A Stress Reliever
  9. An Education Counsellor
  10. A relationship counsellor
  11. Someone who encourages them to believe in themselves
  12. A Personal Trainer
  13. A Dietician
  14. An Advisor
  15. A Strength Coach
  16. A Flexibility Coach
  17. A Weight Loss Coach
  18. A Weight Gain Coach
  19. Someone who teaches them Respect
  20. Someone who teaches them Discipline
  21. Someone who teaches them Patience
  22. Someone who teaches them Humility
  23. Someone who teaches them Empathy
  24. Someone who teaches them Courtesy and Manners
  25. Someone who teaches them to Listen
  26. Someone who teaches them to Work Hard
  27. Someone to hold them to account
  28. Someone to hold them to their Promises
  29. Someone to encourage them and to set goals
  30. An advocate for them
  31. A teacher of Knowledge
  32. A Teacher of Wisdom
  33. A Teacher of Spiritual Strength without Religious belief
  34. A Teacher of Self Defence
  35. A Teacher of Anti-Bulling
  36. A Leader
  37. A Motivator
  38. Someone who gives them an opportunity to learn
  39. Someone who will never judge them
  40. Someone who accepts them regardless of creed, religion, race, sex or sexual orientation
  41. A Safe and Clean Environment For Learning
  42. An Empowerment Coach
  43. Someone who has spent a lifetime learning
  44. Someone who has dedicated their lives to martial arts
  45. Someone who can speak from experience
  46. Someone who looks for the good in everyone
  47. Someone you can count on
  48. Someone who will be in your corner.

Anyone can teach you to punch and kick, but at Tring Martial Arts we provide so much more...

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