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Giving and Receiving Respect

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Giving and Receiving Respect

From the moment your child enters the world of martial arts, they will be treated with respect. Your child will quickly learn that to receive respect, you must first give it. A key way of showing you respect others is by using good manners.

Good manners are something every parent tries to teach their child. However, once they start to go to school it can be a challenge, as they forget what they were taught and can pick up bad habits from other children. A poll of 1000 adults found that 72% thought that good manners had deteriorated, with more than 60% blaming parents.

Good manners are a way of showing others you care about and respect them. They are something that should be used everyday, both to make a good impression and to feel good about yourself. Practicing good manners is important wherever you are - at home, at work or with friends. A lack of good manners can hold your child back, while having them can help them in every area of life. Good manners help us to build and maintain relationships with others, and help to make everyone feel comfortable in social situations.

Teaching your child to have good manners can be a challenge. They are a social skill, and like any skill they require demonstration and practice before they can be mastered. Enrolling your child in martial arts classes is a fantastic way to help them develop good manners. At every session, your child’s instructor will consistently model what it means to give respect, so your child begins to emulate the behaviour until it becomes an automatic action.

Respect is Earned
A lot of people grow up believing that they can behave however they like, while automatically deserving respect from others. They do not understand that respect is something that must be earned from others. By developing good manners, your child will learn that respect must be earned. The only way you can gain the respect of others is by treating them with respect, and behaving with honour in all that you do. Although the words we use are important, so are our actions, such as; showing understanding and compassion to others, looking people in the eye, and shaking hands. We encourage our students to set a standard of behaviour towards other people, to encourage them to treat you with the respect you deserve.

The Magic Words of Respect
At Tring Martial Arts, we will teach your child the magic words of respect. They will understand the importance of saying ‘please’, ’thank you’ and ‘excuse me’. However, there is a difference between saying these words and meaning them. The words alone are not enough; saying them in an angry or sarcastic way can turn the words into weapons. We will make sure your child understands that respect isn’t just about the words you use, but is also about saying them honestly and sincerely.  

Our instructors will work with your child to help reinforce the good manners you have been teaching them at home, enabling them to develop a healthy sense of what it means to give respect – and be respected.

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