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Using Martial Arts to Develop Discipline

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Learning a martial art takes a great deal of physical and mental discipline. Discipline doesn’t just involve doing what other people tell you to do, it also involves being able to actively focus your attention on what is important while exercising self restraint; resisting the desire for instant gratification, and choosing instead to do the hard work that brings the fulfilment and satisfaction of achieving more meaningful, longer term goals.

With the widespread use of mobile phones, tablets and computers, there are no end of distractions in the modern world. The Pew Research Center in the US surveyed almost 2,500 teachers, and found that 87% felt that modern technology was helping to create a generation of children who are easily distracted, and have short attention spans.

An incredible amount of concentration and practice goes into perfecting moves in martial arts. Concentration does not mean forgetting or blocking out everything else while you are involved in a task. In martial arts your child is taught to concentrate on a particular task or object to the fullest extent, while at the same time having an awareness of the environment around them. Being able to concentrate will help your child to learn new skills and to perform better at school.

Listening is a difficult skill to master properly. A study by the National Literacy Trust and the National Association of Head Teachers, found that 74% of the headteachers who took part believed young children's speaking and listening skills had deteriorated in the past 5 years. A martial arts class gives children a supportive space in which they can develop their listening skills. When being instructed, students must listen carefully and give the instructor their full attention in  order to keep up with the lesson, to follow the instructor’s demonstrations safely and to learn from feedback given to them. Students who listen well will reap rewards, not only in moving up through the grades and achieving their next belt, but also in many other areas of their life. Being able to listen will help your child to develop language and reading skills, and to develop socially so they can make new friendships.

Temper Control
Martial Arts teach children to release their aggression in a controlled way. Students learn how to remain peaceful and to solve problems without resorting to violence. This self discipline comes from recognising your feelings of anger or frustration, while also knowing that you have the ability to control your emotions, impulses, and how you react to the world. It can be easy for children to lose their temper, and lash out at the nearest thing or have a tantrum.

During their training, your child will face many different emotions, from the joy of success to the frustration of having to try again, and they will learn to approach these emotions in a mature and wise way. However, it takes time to develop discipline, and it can only be achieved by regularly attending classes and putting in the hard work. At Tring Martial Arts we will work in partnership with you to help motivate and educate your child, making sure that if they put in the work, they will reap the many benefits of learning a martial art.

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