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Martial Arts: A Strategy for Developing Self Belief

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Martial Arts: A Strategy for Developing Self Belief

Learning a martial art will help your child to develop their sense of self belief. Martial arts teaches your child that negative thinking gets them nowhere, and the only way to approach challenges is with a positive, ‘can do’ attitude. Having low self esteem can also affect your child’s performance at school and place them at risk of developing anxiety and depression.

What is a ‘Can Do’ Attitude?
A ‘can do’ attitude is a way of approaching challenges in a positive way, believing that you have the intelligence, strength, courage and ability to find a solution, or achieve your goal – no matter what obstacles are in your way.  

When we encounter problems it is so easy to give up, to turn our attention to another activity, or to look for ways of progressing without addressing the problem. In the long term none of these are a viable solution. A ‘can do’ person will look and find a way to solve the problem; they keep their goal in mind and remain strong. A ‘can do’ person will make mistakes, but isn’t afraid of this. They simply accept the mistake, learn what they can from it, and try to do better next time. Believing in yourself and never giving up forms the essence of martial arts.

Goal Setting
Your child walks in for their first martial arts class. They are wearing a white belt around their waist. Around them they see a variety of different coloured belts, with each one representing a particular skill level or grade. A few months later your child is ready; they can take their first grading. If they pass the assessment they will be awarded a different coloured belt.

This process is repeated throughout your child’s training, with each belt being a goal that can be achieved in a bite-sized chunk. Your child will come to understand the importance of setting goals over the short term (months) and the longer term (years). Achieving lots of smaller milestones will help to build your child’s sense of self belief; they are capable of great things. Learning to set goals will allow your child to live a more successful, productive and longer life.

Confident Body Action
A sense of self belief isn’t just demonstrated by a mental attitude, it is also displayed in the way we move, act, and conduct ourselves.

In every martial arts class you will see respect in the form of eye contact and handshakes. Children don’t often shake hands in day to day life, yet in martial arts class this is one of the first things they learn to do. Self belief is closely linked with self respect, and to respect yourself you must first respect others.

Eye Contact
Making and keeping eye contact is a vital skill that expresses both respect and interest in the other person. It is a skill which enables you to project yourself confidently, in situations such as job interviews and public speaking.

Walk Tall
The way a person walks speaks volumes about how they feel about themselves, and impacts how they will be received by the world. If you walk tall and carry yourself with confidence, it displays to the world that you believe in and value yourself. After all, if you do not believe in yourself or your abilities, how can you expect anyone else to?

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