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TMA Role Models - Charlie Hindle - Junior Student

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TMA Role Models - Charlie Hindle - Junior Student

In another edition of TMA Role Models we meet Cadet Black Belt Charlie Hindle and learn more about him and his motivations for learning martial arts.  We also learn more about earning his Black Belt and how much it has helped him in school and the rest of his life.

1. How old were you when you started training at Tring Martial Arts Academy?

I’m twelve now, but I was six when I started at TMA; myself and my two friends started at the same time. All three of us are still here to this day.

2. Why did you choose to train at Tring Martial Arts and what did you achieve what you wanted?

I chose TMA because it was highly recommended by a friend’s father, who is also a member and a 2nd Dan Black Belt.  I started training at TMA because I wanted to be able to protect myself and be more disciplined, I also wanted to start martial arts because of the great sense of achievement I would get from progressing through belts.  Charlie recently earned his Cadet Black Belt and is now training for his Junior Black Belt.

3. How has Martial Arts training at TMA helped you in school / life?

Martial arts training has helped me with my confidence at school.  Although I don’t tell people I’m a black belt, the fact that I know it myself gives me an inner confidence.  It also goes towards the person that I am. I wouldn’t be the person I am today without TMA! My schooling became better as I got better in martial arts, I became more focused. I started to get better grades as I started to become more disciplined, I am happy I stayed. 

4. Did you ever think about quitting training, and if so, what made you stay?

Many times when I was younger I felt like quitting. I found it really hard to concentrate and at the time I thought I’d rather be at home. However, my dad wouldn’t let me quit, he said ‘Winners never quit’ and that one day I would be glad I didn’t. And that’s the most right he has been… ever!  Don’t give up!

5. How do you balance your school work with your martial arts training?

A tip to balancing homework and school with training is to just get it done! You have to rise to it. You always should do homework as soon as possible and to a good standard, because once you’ve done it you won’t have to think about it anymore!

6. Would you recommend Tring Martial Arts to others?

Absolutely, I strongly recommend TMA, the staff are really motivational, and remember it’s not just training… It’s a way of life!


Thank you Charlie, we have never met an adult who was pleased they were allowed to quit as a child!  Parental involvement, support, encouragement and never allowing your child to quit is essential work that supports a child training to Black belt and beyond in the martial arts.  All to often, we meet parents who recognise the amazing life skill achievements that martial art training can bring and are so enthusiastic to get them enrolled only to then cave in once the child gives a little bit of resistance to coming.  If you find resistance to enrolling your child into our training, come and speak with us, we are experts in keep kids motivated and we won't let them or you give up easily.


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