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TMA Role Models - Victoria Frost - Adult Student

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TMA Role Models - Victoria Frost - Adult Student

In another edition of TMA Role Models we meet Victoria Frost (pictured above standing between Amanda and Laura both Black Belt students).

1. How old were you when you started training, and why did you choose Martial Arts?
My sister Lexi and I joined TMA in 2008, I was 21 at the time and had just moved home after university. The decision to try martial arts was based on a desire to improve our fitness (neither of us was sporty at all!) and find a fun and challenging class that would teach us a new skill and offer scope for improvement with training – along with being more interesting than the gym!

Neither of us had tried anything like this before – so it was entirely new and a bit intimidating, but quite exciting at the same time.  Martial arts also offered a philosophical element, which I found interesting and was keen to learn more. 

2. Why did you choose TMA?
TMA was local to us, the response to our enquiry was very friendly and welcoming – so we decided to take them up on the free trial lesson to see what Kickboxing was like.  We immediately felt at home, the class was easily accessible to absolute beginners and it wasn’t intimidating at all. The class had students of varying abilities and we could and we could see what progress could be made with training, which inspired us to continue.  

3. How does your training help with your day time job (Better focus, Concentration, More Organised, More Energy etc)
A lot of the training that we do in class involves focus and determination – for example, when we have to push through on challenging fitness exercises, or when we work on techniques over and over again until we get them right.  This discipline is something that I am now able to carry through to my work. My approach to challenging situations is now more methodical and focused that it used to be.

4. How do you maintain your work/life balance, has there ever been a time when work was threatening to get in the way of training and what was your thought process behind your decision to keep training? What was the outcome?

Maintaining a work/life balance can be a challenge, but it is so important. For me, after a stressful day at work training is a great opportunity to let off some steam and sometimes be a chance for me to refocus my thoughts and give me a chance to concentrate on something other than work. At the end of the session, I will undoubtedly have regained some perspective and will feel a lot better for it.

There have definitely been times when keeping up with training has been difficult. There was a time, quite early in my training, when I was studying part time as well as working full time and fitting in training with all my other demands seemed impossible. There was more than one period where I missed several weeks in a row and it was a real challenge to motivate myself to get back to a class. The pressure had started to mount and I was starting to lose my energy. When I did manage to drag myself to training, it was great. I found I was more productive, happier and slept better!

Undoubtedly, the effect of training has always been positive. There have been many days where I have regretted skipping training, but there has never been a time when I have regretted going!

5. Did you ever feel like quitting training?

Yes, there have been times that I felt like quitting training in the past.  In particular, when I first started training if I missed a week or two it became harder and harder to go back. I felt out of practice and worried that I wouldn’t be able to keep up.  There have also been times when I have felt like I have not been making any progress or improving, which can be demotivating.  Every time that I have felt like giving up, I have always somehow managed to push myself to go back and face the challenge.

6. Why should a Teenager or Adult choose to train at Tring Martial Arts?

Training at TMA is one of the best things that I have done, and I would recommend it to anyone. It is an opportunity to learn new skills at your own pace, whilst constantly being challenged, improving your fitness, and having a lot of fun - much more exciting than going to the gym!

7. Can you tell me the 4 Areas of your life that Martial Arts has had the greatest impact on?

  1. Developing a sense of inner strength and assertiveness that I never realised I had
  2. Greatly improved fitness levels and a love of exercise
  3. The ability to challenge myself on many levels and in all areas of life and to try new things - but also to reflect on my limitations and understand the areas where I can improve.
  4. To be part of TMA and huge sense of camaraderie and group spirit at the club. The constant encouragement from the instructors and other students is always inspiring and I am proud to be part of the club. 

To find out more about our Martial Arts training for Adults please feel free to contact us or click the corresponding page above.  We look forward to welcoming you to Tring Martial Arts Academy.

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