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Osteoporosis and it's prevention using exercise

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Osteoporosis is a condition in which the bones lose their strength and become fragile, it is most common in older adults but can occur at any stage in life if the body is not looked after properly. Women however, are more susceptible to osteoporosis due to the hormonal changes that occur during the menopause.

Osteoporosis can be a debilitating condition as functional mobility is often lost as a result of bone fractures and dislocations. The condition ends up forcing the body into a vicious cycle, as you become more fragile you become less able to move the body causing the osteoporosis to progress further. If the bone become weak and the fractures occur within the spine then it can often result in postural abnormalities which in the worst case scenario can leave you in a wheel chair due to the crippling pain and lack of mobility in daily life.

Research shows that exercise is a great way to prevent osteoporosis, especially when the exercise has some form of impact, such as skipping, weights or boxing. The impact of the exercise increases the formation of a product called osteoblasts which encourages the development of new bone. This prevents the loss of strength within the bone and potential fractures or dislocations. Attending a class like Skip Fit, which is offered here at TMA Fitness, could be a great way of keeping your bones fit and healthy and to prevent early onset of Osteoporosis. The repetitive bounding motion is a great stimulus for bone development and strength, so when attended on a regular basis could be the perfect way to stop the body loosing mobility and becoming fragile. In addition to these benefits, skip fit is a great way to keep fit, stay in shape and have a fun workout at the same time.

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