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Understanding Emotional Intelligence in 7 to 14 year old children when teaching Martial Arts Classes at TMA!

Understanding Emotional Intelligence in 7 to 14 year old children when teaching Martial Arts Classes at TMA!

Children learn and grow in stages, some children either accelerate compared to their peers, or are growing at a slower pace than normal, therefore it is hard to pinpoint the exact ages and stages of development.  However, Tring Martial Arts Academy instructors are trained in the various stages and levels of child development and recognise through our experience since 2005 that child growth and development can be categorizes into four main age groups.

The four age groups are:

  • 3 & 4 year olds
  • 5 & 6 year olds
  • 7 to 9 year olds
  • 10 to 14 year olds

Within each age group, children show growth and development in four fundamental categories:

  • Physical
  • Intellectual
  • Emotional
  • Social

Within each category, children show distinct characteristics that define their stage of development. That’s where Tring Martial Arts Instructors can help.  We can help a child to foster proper growth and development because we understand what to expect, and what-not to expect in each particular category, and in turn helping them to learn and grow in a more age-appropriate manner.

We use various skills, games, instruction and learning methodologies honed over more than a decade of martial arts instruction to foster a greater sense of achievement within each child, empowering them with the right tools for growth, rewarding them for their efforts and allowing parents and carers to understand that they are continuing to learn despite their individual development needs.

7 to 9 Years Old Children

They are wonderfully stable and love challenges. However, they are just learning to tap into their emotions.

OUR EXPECTATIONS - we expect that this age group at some points during our classes will:

  • Will hold back if under-challenged
  • Not aware of their ability to push beyond their comfort zone
  • Show excessive fear when put on the spot with something they are not familiar with

OUR GOALS in each class are that the children should:

  • Show INTENSITY in their efforts even on basic tasks
  • PERSEVERE through challenges, especially when they initially feel like giving up
  • Show COURAGE by facing their fears when trying something new

10 to 14 Years Old Children

Thanks to science, they are typically all over the emotional spectrum, this is more prominent in BOYS than girls.

OUR EXPECTATIONS – we expect that this age group at some points during our class will:

  • Hold back in they are not emotionally engaged
  • Lose focus if they are not in a good mood
  • Show attitude when embarrassed.

OUR GOALS in each class are that children should:

  • Apply intrinsic motivation and realise their true potential by applying proper INSTINCT in what they do
  • ENGAGE with extreme effort despite obstacles
  • Show good decision-making skills by having proper REACTION when put under pressure
  • Understand their own motivation behind their CHOICES

Please see our other Blog articles where we discuss the Physical, Social, Intellectual and Emotional Education of Children at Tring Martial Arts.

The Instructors at Tring Martial Arts are experts in child development and we recognise that some children will perform above or below the expectations of their age group, and since 2005 we have trained ourselves and our staff to educate everyone considering their emotional, physical, intellectual and social needs.  Contact us today on 01442 795001 or see our website www.tringmartialarts.com

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