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Why Women Should Learn Self Defense

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Why Women Should Learn Self Defense

The unfortunate fact of life is that sometimes you may need to protect yourself or your family from an external threat. Women can be particularly vulnerable to an attack of any kind, which is one of the many reasons why learning self-defense techniques can be so important.


It can happen to anyone of us and at any time and the harsh reality is, that if you don’t prepare yourself to cope with this kind of a scenario, it can come as a big shock to the system if it ever did occur.

The techniques you learn, usually from a martial arts class, will make you less vulnerable and more able to protect yourself in the least violent way possible and the calmness that comes from having the confidence to act in this kind of pressured situation, means you have the best chance of keeping yourself and the ones you love, safe.

Role Model

Being a strong and confident role model for your kids is very important and learning to defend yourself is really good wisdom to be able to impart to them. We are always saying “You can be whatever you want to be” to our children, but what we also want them to be, is safe in everything they do. If they see you, as their mum, learning self-defense, then the chances are, they will want to join in, which is never a bad thing.

Growing Threat

According to the Guardian Newspaper http://bit.ly/2qIF96q, there was a 10% rise in violent crimes committed against women in the England and Wales in 2016, up from the previous year. The need for women to be able to protect themselves is growing all the time and having the knowledge needed to protect yourself can literally save your life.

There can be no more compelling reason to consider learning self-defense.

If you would more information on taking self-defense classes, why not call the friendly team at Tring Martial Arts on 01442 795001 or visit our website www.tringmartialarts.com.

Don’t be worried about calling us, as we are a very nice bunch and always treat everyone with the utmost respect. It could be the best decision you ever make.


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