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How Martial Arts Will Improve Your Child's Confidence

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How Martial Arts Will Improve Your Child's Confidence

Inner confidence plays a massively important part in anyone’s success and happiness and it is crucial that children are given the room to develop theirs from an early age. A good martial arts class is a wonderful place for children to build self-confidence, discipline and the belief they need to lead a positive and fruitful adulthood.


First and foremost, a good instructor will make the class fun and your kids will come away feeling like they’ve had a good time. Friendships and bonds are made between children in a classroom environment and that ability to make new buddies, in itself, will give their confidence a nice boost.


A martial instructor will typically have a keen eye for how children are progressing and there will be parts of the class that they will better at than others. By finding out the areas your child are good and praising them for it, a sense of achievement is passed to them, again increasing their confidence.


As a child moves through the ‘ranks’ from white belt, through blue and eventually to black belt, this progression naturally boosts their self-esteem as their standing within the class grows with each achievement. As their seniority grows, they are also encouraged to assist less experienced students, a responsibility that lends itself to greater confidence.

Asking For Help

Assertiveness is another form of confidence and a good martial arts instructor will encourage all children in their class to ask for help when they need to. Knowing that help is always at hand if needed, is a reassuring thing for a child to know and will do wonders for their self-esteem.

There are so many virtuous effects on a child’s personality to be had from enrolling them in a martial arts class. Respect, discipline, confidence, and self-control are all things that it offers and it equips them so well for life outside of the dojo.

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