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Respect is Earned, not Bought - Why it is Vital for your Child to Learn About Earning It

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Respect is Earned, not Bought - Why it is Vital for your Child to Learn About Earning It

At Tring Martial Arts, our classes teach a number of things to our students. They teach, focus, discipline, and respect and we believe, the latter is such an important for thing your child to learn. 

Regardless of which type of martial arts training your child studies, respect for others is a running theme across them all. Our extremely experienced and skilled instructors know how to work with and motivate children to become the best they can be, and they can only do that by learning the value of respect.

Impressionable Age

Children are at the most impressionable period of their lives and for them to be exposed an ethos and a way of life that treats everyone with the respect they deserve, is a wonderful learning process for them.

Earned Not Bought

Respect cannot be gained instantly and it most certainly can’t be bought. Only by knuckling down, working hard and treating others with respect can children earn the respect that they will then deserve. The path to achieving this is a very educational one for a child and will give them life skills that they might not otherwise have gained.

Way of Life

Should you enroll your child in a martial arts class, they will be taught how everyone deserves respect - even their opponents. It is also consistently reinforced that they should respect their elders and adults in general, starting with the instructor.

In fact, the life lessons that are taught include all manner of useful concepts like self-awareness, control, and dedication - all of which, I think we can all agree, are good personal qualities to have.

Respect Everyone

The importance of respectfulness in society cannot be overplayed. In life, work and play, respect for others is something that prepares a person for many of life’s challenges and is something that is an integral part of all good martial arts classes.

If you need more information on the subject or would like a chat with one of our highly experienced and talented instructors about how your child could be benefitting from attending regular classes, why not give us a call on 01442 795001 or visit our website www.tringmartialarts.com.

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