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How Quitting Activities Like Martial Arts Will Negatively Impact Your Child's Future

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How Quitting Activities Like Martial Arts Will Negatively Impact Your Child's Future

When it comes to physical and mental well being, there are no more beneficial physical activities for children than martial arts classes. So, it will come as no surprise that when it comes to quitting and going back to the old routine, there are a number of negatives that could occur, which as a parent, you need to be aware of.  The biggest negative that can develop in a child's life is what we call the Quit Trigger.  The Quit Trigger is developed where a child is allowed to quit an activity such as martial arts without "giving it a good go".  Once the quit trigger has been developed they know that they can start any activity they want, then quit when they don't want to go anymore, even if the parents know it is good for them.  Take swimming for example, would you let your child quit learning to swim, I doubt it!  What about school, they don't want to go anymore, do you let them stop - of course not!  By letting your child quit, and develop the Quit Trigger, here is a list of likely negative outcomes:-


The discipline and dedication that martial arts training instills in your child will stand them in good stead in many ways, but there may be occasions when the motivation needed to keep going is missing. It is at this point that you need to remind yourself and your child of the possible negative impact that quitting can have on many aspects of your child’s behaviour.

Feeling confident is synonymous with regular exercise and the increased self-esteem that your child will almost certainly have experienced when they started martial arts training can slowly, but surely ebb away if they quit. Also, not being part of a regular, friendly social group can negatively impact on the confidence and their ability to act in social situations.

Decreased Respect

Without the regular input of a mentor, such as a martial arts instructor, the values of discipline and respect for all, and authority figures, in particular, can get lost along the way. Whilst this still may be a message they are getting at home, the lack of reinforcement at an organised, a friendly and nurturing environment is likely to have some kind of impact.


The discipline that is taught at martial arts training classes is transferable to all parts of a student’s life. From schoolwork to music practice, it plays a huge role in shaping a child’s behaviour and should you quit, all the benefits that martial arts offers can be soon lost.

At Tring Martial Arts, we know the responsibility we take on when accepting your child into one of our classes. The work we do can have a dramatic effect on their outlook, behaviour and long-term health and if they do choose to leave for whatever reason, it’s important to know that their behaviour could be affected.

If you would like to know more about martial arts classes and their benefits, call Tring Martial Arts on 01442 795001 or alternatively visit our website at www.tringmartialarts.com

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