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Discipline = Success. Why it is Vital for your Child to Learn Discipline

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Discipline = Success. Why it is Vital for your Child to Learn Discipline


Self-discipline refers to a person’s ability to control their emotions, desires, impulses and behaviour. At key points in someone’s life, having the strength to resist instant gratification in favour of long-term happiness allows for higher achievements and more meaningful goals.

At Tring Martial Arts, we are fully aware of the positive effects that discipline can have on a child’s behaviour and we’re not just talking about them ‘doing as their told’.

Self Discipline has a Number of Benefits

- It helps a child build their self-confidence
- It makes a child more productive, as they are able to accomplish more
- It gives the ability to control feelings of frustration and the negative emotions it creates
- It enables achievement of goals more easily

So, How is it Achieved?

Starting Slowly enables your child to take things in their stride and this will allow them to build their self-discipline one step at a time. It’s a bit like building a muscle, it just takes a little time to do it properly. The more they train, the easier it will come.

Motivation is a key aspect to consider with self-discipline, as knowing what gets their willpower up and running, is something that you can tap into on those days when they’re not so strong. If a child feels like what they’re about to do is going to be fun, the chances that they unmotivated will decrease significantly.

Weaknesses for a particular type of foods and activities are also key to your child’s self-discipline, as understanding what to avoid can be very useful. By removing temptation and avoid the certain situation, there will be less possibility of that discipline being broken.


A disciplined person is very often a successful person and that starting your child on that path from an early age can only be good for their future.

If you would like to find out more about martial arts training, which is proven to instill discipline, respect, self-control and self-awareness in people of all ages, call us on 01442 795001 or visit our website www.tringmartialarts.com.

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