5 Reasons Your Child Needs to Take Martial Arts Lessons

If you have a young child and are thinking about enrolling them in a martial arts class, you need to know that you are making the right decision. The good news is that getting them involved in martial arts training is most certainly a good decision and one that will teach them discipline, respect, self-control, and friendship.

Reason 1 - Friendships

Growing up can be a challenging time for any child and making good, long lasting friendships can prove tricky. As respect for others is central to all forms of martial arts training, it is the perfect environment for making friends and long-term bonds with people. 

Reason 2 - Resolving Conflicts

Bullying can be a childhood problem that most of us can relate to and there are right ways and wrong ways of dealing with it. By being part of a martial arts class, your child will learn about respectful conflict resolution and as disagreements occur, which they invariably will, they are dealt with swiftly and amicably and not necessarily through physical force.

Reason 3 - Stress Release

A happy child is one that is able to release of that pent-up energy that all children have. You will find that after a martial arts class, your child will be calm and balanced, as the exercise they will have just done will have blown off all the steam they need.

Reason 4 - Self-Esteem and Confidence

Learning new skills involved in martial arts disciplines will provide your child with a self-confidence boost. Achieving goals that you perhaps thought were beyond them, offers a real sense of accomplishment and this is in addition to the confidence that comes with knowing they are better able to protect themselves, should they need to.

Reason 5 - Respect for Authority

A child can learn respect for elders and authority figures directly from their parents, but learning in the ‘real world’ can offer an alternative, which can be extremely helpful, especially if the first method isn’t working. Martial arts teach discipline and respect for everyone, including opponents.

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