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TMA Role Models - Zach Barnard (Cadet)

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TMA Role Models - Zach Barnard (Cadet)

In the latest edition of TMA Role Models we meet Zach Barnard.

Name:                  Zack Barnard                                                                                      Age:       12

Grade/Belt:        Cadet Black Belt                                                                Approx. date joined: May 2012


1. How did you learn about Tring Martial Arts?

I first came to know of Tring Martial Arts when I was young.  I wanted to start a club that would be fun and would also keep me fit in the off season of rugby.  I wanted to do a club that would benefit me in many ways, mentally and physically.  I decided that I wanted to take up martial arts.  I didn’t know what club to join but dad knew of Tring Martial Arts from a town fair that he went to.  So, I came to Tring Martial Arts and I thoroughly enjoyed the first lesson.  From then on, I just kept on coming back and back, pushing myself even more every time and I came to love martial arts.

2. Why did you choose to join Tring Martial Arts Academy?

I wanted to join Tring Martial Arts Academy as I wanted a club that would make me more determined and fit.  I wanted to get fit and I wanted to learn how to be the best I could be.

3. How does your training help with your school/work?

My training has helped me with school work in the past, but it is coming in very handy now as I have started secondary school.  I have been at secondary school for nearly a year now and the homework and schoolwork has gone up dramatically.  Through Tring Martial Arts, I have learned how to keep on top of my homework, stay organised, and be more independent at school.  It has also improved my focus and concentration and has shown me how to be respectful.

4. How do you maintain your school/work/life balance, has there ever been a time when school or work was threatening to get in the way of training and what was your thought process behind your decision to keep training? What was the outcome?

This year it has been difficult to train as well as do my homework.  Once, I was lazy and lost track of when my homework was due and I thought that I wasn’t going to be able to go training as I had to do a large amount of homework in a short time.  However I persevered and got it done and managed to train.  After that incident, I have learned to keep on top of homework and have managed to become more organised so I know when the homework is due.

5. Did you ever feel like quitting training?

There was actually a point in my training where I was considering quitting as I was not enjoying it as much as I used to and I felt like I was not being pushed enough.  I then thought that I am the one that can push myself and then I started enjoying it a lot more.

6. Can you tell me 5 areas where training in the martial arts at TMA has improved your life?

a) Life Skills

Tring Martial Arts has made me more confident as a person and has made determined.  It has also taught me how to be respectful and has also made me loyal.

b) Wellbeing

Tring Martial Arts has made my mood more positive and has also made me feel more lively.  It has made me go about my day with a spring in my step and to enjoy it.

c) Health/Fitness

Due to TMA I am now fit and have become more toned and lean.  Also, it has made me stronger.

d) School/Work Life

Due to TMA I am now able to focus in lessons and concentrate.  Also, it has made me more determined to achieve and succeed.

e) Home Life

It has taught me to respect my sister, even if she can be annoying at times, and it has taught me how to get along with my sister.  It has also taught me how to respect my family.

TMA would like to thank Zach and his family for their support over all these years, we look forward to continuing to train him in the future!

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