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TMA Role Models - Mitch Levine (Adult Student)

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TMA Role Models - Mitch Levine (Adult Student)

In our latest edition of TMA Role Models we meet Mitch Levine, 1st Dan Black Belt Krav Maga and Assistant Krav Maga Instructor here at Tring Martial Arts Academy.

I have trained in martial arts for over 36 years starting out in karate for my first ten, followed by Ju-Jitsu. Having moved to the area, I was searching for a dojo to continue my progress. I wanted one that could provide constant martial arts & personal development & was attracted via an advertisement to TMA. I joined the Academy around 2008.

Tring Martial Arts Academy had what I was looking for via their martial art disciplines & adaptability. It has been flexible in allowing me to learn so much more with each session, whilst also allowing me to flow with what I already had experienced. Hence, a willingness to utilise my existing skills & harmonise them with the TMA curriculum.

This Academy has been able to accommodate my long & irregular hours at work as it has so many different classes each evening, allowing me to train around my busy working life. The focus, calmness, confidence & strength of body, mind & spirit that I get from training here runs through into my everyday life, especially work.

Unfortunately, there were a few years whereby I was working a distance of over two hours away from home & it made it even more complex to train. Although my determination to overcome this situation & Shihan Chris Allen supporting me with his flexibility, helped me to continue my training.

I have never thought about quitting training. Martial arts are a central part of my life. Training with great people in the Academy as opposed to individually exercising in a gym is motivational. I do admit that on some occasions during sessions & grading's, the mind has to overcome the body when the latter seems ready to 'surrender'. Proving that Tring Martial Arts conditions inner strength to overcome adversity. Keeping up with the fit and healthy youngsters when you're the oldest in the Academy also spurs one on!

I started in the first TMA Krav Maga class 'many moons ago' & this is a discipline that inspires greater confidence in one's self defence abilities outside the dojo.

TMA drives people performance for different reasons. Whilst I enjoy my personal training, I get a huge sense of pride when I see those I train with 'perfecting' techniques. Whilst my irregular hours at work prevents me from committing to full-on instructing, I do enjoy parting with knowledge & helping build strength in body, spirit and mind in others - both in the dojo & in general life.

  • It’s an egalitarian dojo. It never matters about age, gender or size; we are treated with respect as individuals.
  • The club provides superb fitness for all, especially an ‘old man’ like me. Helping me to stay strong with a good level of stamina.
  • The confidence, fitness & strength that I obtain from training at TMA is central to my general life - home, in society & work.

We look forward to working with Mitch for a long time to come.  If you are interested in Martial Arts for Adults, please see our website www.tringmartialarts.com or call 01442 795001


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