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Martial Arts - The Power of Routine!

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Martial Arts - The Power of Routine!

The Power of Routine in Martial arts

If you already practice martial arts, you will already have an insight into exactly how much the routine it teaches you can help you in all parts of your life. For those who are yet to enjoy the benefits, we take a look now at exactly what the discipline and routine learnt when taking a regular class, can do for you.

Improved Diet

One of the major cornerstones of martial arts training is the importance of a healthy diet. What you put into your body ultimately dictates what you get out of it, so having a routine that reflects that is vital to success. A diet full of healthy foods, eaten at the right time of the day will not only make you healthier, with a better immune system, but it will also make you stronger and more capable.

Many people in the modern day have problem with controlling impulses with regards to fast food, alcohol, drugs and cigarettes, which has led to a crisis of obesity in the United Kingdom. Martial arts equips those who perform it correctly with all the tools they need and ultimately the routine needed to avoid the things in life that cause us harm.

Better Rested

Another thing you’ll learn on your martial arts journey is that rest is equally as important as anything else you can do. How can you be expected to deal with life and all that it throws at you if you are constantly fatigued? 

Getting to bed at the right time and in turn, getting up at the right time, allows your body to repair itself and gives you the best possible chance to be at your best, both physically and mentally. And whilst this will help you enormously in the dojo and in your training, it also helps you in your normal daily life.


Routine doesn’t always have to refer physical aspects of your life, as it can just as easily be used to condition you to have the utmost respect for everyone you meet. When you enrol at a dojo to train in martial arts, the first thing that is drummed into you, is to have respect for your Sensei, your opponent and yourself.

If you spend time having this message repeated to you again and again, it will take hold and transmit to the rest of your life outside of the dojo. It is an important life lesson to learn, especially for young students who are yet to venture into the professional world. Routine courtesy, respect and good manners are all taught in martial arts, which can only be a good thing.

Physical Strength

Whilst we haven’t paid too much attention so far to the physical conditioning that regular martial arts training provides, it does help enormously. When a class is taken once or twice every week, core strength is improved on a gradual, but consistent basis. Good core strength is so important for so many reasons and whether it be from sparring or from performing katas, having this in your routine helps you to be energetic and active in everything you do.

In Summary

In essence, the routine that is instilled in a martial arts student during training encourages many of the positive personal characteristics found in those who are successful in sport, at work and at school. Energy, discipline, self control and respect are central to everything taught and are beneficial for youngsters and adults alike.

So, whatever your age, background or status, adopting martial arts can make a big difference. It is certainly something to consider for anyone with an ambition to better themselves.

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