Congratulations Kyoshi Ken Pankiewicz - International Ambassador

Congratulations Kyoshi Ken Pankiewicz

Tring Martial Arts Academy is delighted and honoured to be associated with a true legend in Professional Martial Arts tuition in the UK.  Kyoshi Ken Pankiewicz is Shihan Christopher Allen’s instructor, friend and mentor and Tring Martial Arts Academy has benefitted greatly from his wise advice and counsel of these last 13 years.

Kyoshi is a world renowned leader, speaker and mentor who has spent almost 30 years travelling around the world learning from the best martial arts instructors, teachers and business owners to hone the development of his own schools and to benefit his 600+ students.

Not only does Kyoshi work tirelessly to better his own schools but he constantly gives back through Kickfit Consulting, whereby he mentors school owners in the UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Germany and the USA.

His hard work, dedication and commitment to the martial arts was recognised recently as he was elected to become an International Ambassador, at the 2nd World Martial Arts Summit held in Bangkok, Thailand.  His award was presented to him by a GM Zulfi Ahmed of Bushi Ban International and a senior delegation from the Thai Sports Ministry at a special ceremony in front of 5000 spectators.

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