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10 Ways to Defeat a Bully Without Fighting

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10 Ways to Defeat a Bully Without Fighting

10 Ways to Defeat a Bully Without Fighting

1. Make Friends: Treat the bully as a friend instead of an enemy, try to make friends with them or find something in you have in common with them.

2. Use Humour: Turn a threatening situation into a funny one, but don't be the butt of the joke too often!

3. Walk Away: Don't get into it, just walk away.

4. Use Cleverness: Use your imagination to resolve conflict

5. Agree with the Bully: Let insults go without fighting back

6. Refuse to Fight: Don't make the situation worse by fighting

7. Stand Up To the Bully: Stick Up for yourself, you don't need to get physical to stand up for yourself, just stand tall!

8. Yell! A Powerful shout can end conflict before it starts.

9. Use Authority: Tell a teacher or adult to help with the conflict.

10. Stand Like a Victor, Not a Victim: Shoulders Back, Head Up, Stand and Walk like a Champion - think Superhero Walk :)

Bullying is an issue that effects everyone.

Tring Martial Arts Academy also teaches that standing by and watching others get bullied is just as bad as being bullied, so be a buddy not a bully!

If someone talks to you about being bullied, then speak to a teacher or your parents!

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