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Please don't let me quit - a note from your kids!!

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Please don't let me quit - a note from your kids!!

Dear Mum / Dad

Thank you for enrolling me with Tring Martial Arts Academy.

I loved studying and practicing Martial Arts

The training I have received has made me more confident and I feel able to defend myself IF I need to

Sometimes I said I wanted to quit, but all I really needed was your help to refocus, thank you for recognising that!

I loved learning martial arts, I feel ready for whatever life may throw at me.

Thank you for not letting me quit Martial Arts, I know I didn’t make it easy for you to take me to class, but by not letting me quit you taught me about dedication and keeping my promises.

I loved it when you came to watch me at class, thanks for giving me that smile and encouragement when I needed it

Thank you for telling me you loved watching me work and train hard.

Sometimes that’s all the encouragement I needed to take my experience from good to GREAT

Thank you for asking Sensei how I was doing, they really like it when parents ask.

When I took my Black Belt Test, I wasn’t sure I would pass, thank you for believing in me, that was what I needed! (Pause)

I am a Black Belt!  But just for the record, to me you are a Black Belt as well!

I love you! 

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