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Shihan Chris earns 5th Dan Black Belt

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Shihan Chris earns 5th Dan Black Belt

Shihan Chris earns 5th Dan Black Belt

We are proud to announce that our Chief Instructor and Founder Christopher Allen earned his 5th Dan Black Belt under Kyoshi Ken Pankiewicz of Kickfit Martial Arts Schools.

On the 17th February 2018, Shihan expressed a wish to his instructor Kyoshi Ken, that he would like to be tested for his 5th Dan on the 17th November 2018 exactly 5 years from the date of his 4th Dan graduation. 

Since 17th November 2013 after earning his 4th Dan, Shihan has been working towards this qualification for 5 years.  At this level of martial arts, there is no requirement for a physical exam Shihan wanted to commit to a period of intensive training followed by a public demonstration.  Since starting his training, Shihan has also spent some time reflecting on his achievement since setting up Tring Martial Arts Academy in July 2005.  These achievements are many, but include:

  • Successfully trained 1000+ students
  • Successfully trained & promoted Black Belts to 3rd Dan
  • Successfully trained Instructors who have trained their own students to achieve Black Belt.
  • Committed himself to the instruction of martial arts for 10 years or more.

 Shihan has also trained up to 50 Martial Arts Instructors through his own Instructor Development Programme which continues to yield very high quality martial art instructors who can teach with passion and enthusiasm but do not have a boastful ego.  Every instructor who has ever taught at TMA has done so only through completing this course.

Normally, there is no requirement to perform a physical demonstration of skills for 5th Dan, especially for instructors however Shihan opted to include a Public Performance of both his own skills AND the skills of his students.

Shihan has been training for this event since February 2018, and has made some significant life changes in relation to his own fitness, diet and attitude towards his own martial arts journey.  It would be wonderful if you could attend and represent Tring Martial Arts Academy.  This event was attended by many senior Martial Arts Instructors and Special Guests.  Also present, for the first time since Shihan opened TMA 13 years ago, his mum will be joining us all the way from Cornwall along with his family.

Shihan demonstrated elements and techniques from our 5 Stages of Combat Freestyle Martial Arts system which includes:-

  • Kickboxing / Muay Thai
  • Ju Jitsu
  • Krav Maga
  • Grappling
  • Weapon Kata

Demo Team

The Black Belt Demo Team also joined Shihan and performed their skills for the audience including:

  • Pad Work
  • 10 Hand Kata
  • Sparring
  • Weapon Kata (Nunchucks)

Shihan was proud to have earned his 5th Dan Black Belt and is looking forward to testing for his 6th Dan in 6 years time!!

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