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What is True Self Defence??

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What is True Self Defence??

What is true self-defence?

True self-defence is not just defending yourself against bad situation but also against poor health, a bad attitude and negative thoughts

How do you practice true self-defence?

You can practice true self-defence by living a positive, pro-active martial arts lifestyle

How do you defend yourself against sickness?

There is little that you can do to guarantee that you’ll never become sick.  There are, however, plenty of things that you can do to stack the odds in favour of your health.  For starters, you can try to adopt the concept of living with the three pieces of the health puzzle: proper exercise, adequate rest, and balanced nutrition.  Of course there are other things that you can do as well, such as practicing good hygiene and having a healthy mind-set.

How do you defend yourself against injuries?

Adopt a “safety first” mind-set.

Examples: When you’re driving, wear your seat belt and follow the rules of the road.

 In martial arts class, make sure to adequately warm-up, pick your partners wisely, and don’t practice moves too far beyond your skill level.

What are some guidelines you could follow which will help you deal with a “crisis” situation?

Although no one strategy is going to guarantee success in every “crisis” situation, there are a few steps that you can follow which will help to dramatically stack the odds of success in your favour:

1.  Acknowledge the situation… “Yes, this is a problem and I need to deal with it!”

2.  Determine the desired outcome.

3.  Ask yourself… “Is the emotion that I’m experiencing right now the appropriate emotion to help me deal with this situation?”If it is, continue on.If it’s not, ask yourself… “What would be the appropriate emotion to help me deal with this situation?” Then do your best to adjust your emotional mind-set accordingly.

4.  Take immediate action.

5.  Stay the course.

What are the five guidelines of the safe life?

1.  Create safe habits.

2.  Be aware, but not on guard.

3.  Trust your intuition.

4.  Take action

5.  Learn from your experience and the experience of others

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