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Introduction to Training at Tring Martial Arts Part 1 - How we teach Curriculum

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Introduction to Training at Tring Martial Arts Part 1 - How we teach Curriculum

How we teach our Curriculum

We teach our curriculum using a system known as a ‘Rotating Curriculum’.  

This is a term used to describe a teaching methodology that subscribes to delivering knowledge to students at similar stages of training in cycled phases of instruction:




-Black Belt


Students focus on learning a specific set of skills and knowledge in Blocks. Within each Block of curriculum there are 6 phases. Each Phase lasts 5 weeks.

This allows students to acquire advanced knowledge “when they are ready” regardless of belt rank. Students also have the opportunity to always be working at their highest potential.

Each phase  focuses on skills and techniques from that student’s level of training. This system ensures variety in the classes and provides students advanced preparation for higher ranks while never neglecting the importance of fundamentals at all levels!

Every student learns at different rates and in different ways. Basics are never abdicated when acquiring new knowledge. In fact the opposite is true! The importance of fundamentals is actually reinforced when acquiring new knowledge. Furthermore, every class (at all levels) includes ongoing practice and refinement of fundamentals such as stances, blocks, kicks, and strikes for every student regardless of rank.

It has been our experience since 2005 that skills taught in isolation have limited value in developing “true understanding.” 

Many advanced techniques relating to self-defence applications for example, draw from fundamental skills (stances, balance, force and leverage). It is important that students are  exposed to both the skills and the applications of these skills early in their training in order that practice towards ‘mastery’ can be developed.

Mastery - “a comprehensive knowledge or skill in a subject or accomplishment”.

Mastery is available to all students who dedicate themselves to the training, work hard and maintain regular twice weekly practice.  

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