Introduction to Training at Tring Martial Arts Part 2 - Curriculum Testing

As a professional Martial Arts Academy just like a school or university we are judged by the quality of our students at all levels.  If our martial arts instruction or content was poor, we would find it difficult to attract new members.  We now have 310 members (2019).

Therefore we record the results of each and every test week which allows the Senior Instructor Team to make sure we are aiming for “mastery” at all levels in our curriculum. 

For instance, if a particular phase of learning is yielding low pass marks or more than 25% retakes we may remove or suspend that phase to allow extra time for instructor training or in some cases completely overhaul the content.

During test week students can earn:-

* Students may retake their tests at any point during test week

Since 2010 our recorded marks have been on average:
20% Distinction
44% Merit
24% Pass
12% Re-take

Nothing in life comes easy, if you are not prepared to work hard for something, you probably don’t want it (or deserve it)!

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