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Introduction to Training at Tring Martial Arts Part 4 - Our Belt System

Introduction to Training at Tring Martial Arts Part 4 - Our Belt System

Belt System
Kids Martial Arts (4-6 years)
Every student needs to be recognised for their hard work, dedication and progress.  In our system this is done by way of earning stripes, belts and other recognition methods.
These methods are what makes Tring Martial Arts Academy unique and different from other personal development programmes.  Through testing we give students timely progress checks and help them to measure their level of success.  Nothing is subjective or abstract, just solid feed back and clear measurement of their growth and development.

Kids Martial Arts (6-12 years) & Freestyle Martial Arts Programme (Teens & Adults)
There are 14 belts in our programme before students may test for Black Belt.  Students who train a minimum of twice per week can expect to be eligible to test for their Black Belt within 5 years subject to passing each test.  Conversion Grading Kids Martial Arts to FMA.  As each curriculum contains 100% age-appropriate techniques, students who move between Kids Martial Arts and the FMA programme may need to be assessed before moving into the main FMA programme. As they may need to learn additional foundation elements before being able to train safely in older classes.

Black Belt Masters Programme
Entry into the Black Belt Masters Programme starts upon achieving your Black Belt, then as tradition dictates you can expect to train for a period of years according to the Level (Dan) you are testing for.  For instance:
1 year to Black Belt 1st Dan
2 years to Black Belt 2nd Dan
3 years to Black Belt 3rd Dan
On achieving a Dan level, the count restarts at Zero

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