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Introduction to Training at Tring Martial Arts Part 7 - Tai Chi & Qigong

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Introduction to Training at Tring Martial Arts Part 7 - Tai Chi & Qigong

Tring Tai Chi & Qi Gong programmes focus on what is known as the “internal” arts and they offer interested students the chance to learn the benefits of this ancient Chinese Martial Art, for health, relaxation & wellbeing. 

Tai Chi is a soft internal art that develops internal strength while remaining soft and yielding with relaxation and flowing movement.

Our Tai Chi / Qigong Programmes offer:

Beginners Wudang style Hand Form: Learn to understand the movements and how techniques relate to the form, gentle Tui Shou partner exercises including silk reeling, single push hands, four directions, also Qi Gong exercises of slow movement with breath for health & well being.
We offer a Beginners and Intermediate / Advanced Class in the Wudang style.

Tai Chi Kung Fu Fan: The most popular Tai Chi Fan form ever practiced in China.  The routine was created by Grandmaster Li Deyin. There are 52 movements in the whole routine based on the characteristic Tai Chi posture with the fan's artistic and martial functions.  Suitable for Intermediate / Advanced Students Only.

Tai Chi Sword: Beyond the bare hand Tai Chi form awaits the elegant and highly effective Tai Chi Sword, which has long been considered the highest achievement in Tai Chi training. The beautiful and flowing Tai Chi Sword form will strengthen your body, sharpen your mind, and raise your spirit. Suitable for Advanced Students only.

Yang 24 Short Form:The Yang style is the most popular and it consists of slow continuous, soft and circular movements in a flowing form.  In order to perform Tai Chi properly, the body moves as a unit. Timing of movement is very important-all parts of the body start and end at the same time.  Our Yang 24 Short Form class is suitable for both beginners & experience students

Qi Gong (often spelt Chi Kung) is a powerful type of health exercise, which has been practised for centuries by millions of Chinese people. It is based on repetitions of very precise sets of movements, specifically designed to benefit health on many different levels. Our Qigong class is suitable for both beginners and experienced students

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