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Introduction to Training at Tring Martial Arts Academy Part 10 - Industry Leading Instructor Training

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Introduction to Training at Tring Martial Arts Academy Part 10 - Industry Leading Instructor Training

Instructor Development Programme - Our Industry Leading Instructor Training Programme

From Shihan Chris, Chief Instructor, 5th Dan

I often hear positive comments from parents and students about the wonderful staff we have at Tring Martial Arts and the impact we have had on them and their family.  Needless to say, it is great to know that we are making such a difference.  Every person who has ever taught at TMA since we opened in 2005 have been personally trained by me to be an instructor and I have had great success in developing staff because I always look for highly motivated, dedicated and humble people who demonstrate the type of character and personality that we really value.

I am sure you will have noticed already that every member of the team is friendly, personable and well-mannered?  I don’t tolerate thuggish behaviour or attitudes akin to the various “fight clubs” that keep popping up and closing again due to lack of students.  We are a family orientated martial arts academy and community and should you be invited to enter into the IDP, you will help us to carry on the friendly, welcoming and non-judgemental tradition at TMA. 

In order to have the maximum impact on my students today, I always remember that, first and foremost, I am a martial artist.  I strive to be the person that my students think I am.  I remember that I am a teacher and I know that our product IS the classroom.  When I step on the mat, I am there to teach and serve. I focus on the belief that in order to have the most impact on my students, I must run my school like a Headmaster would and am never afraid to make tough decisions about staff, lessons, content, curriculum or facilities. 

Monthly Training Sessions – take place on the last Wednesday of every month for 10 months of the year.  August and December will be excluded due to holidays.  This extra class will give all members a much more structured training programme which will help them to really focus on developing their skills.  It will also mean that we can interact and support them better with much more focused training pertinent to their roles.

In Class Recognition – being recognised within this programme has in the past been difficult to organise.  Which is why we use Instructor Patches to be sewn onto the uniform. The Ranks are as follows:

Trainee Instructor (2 years of training required at this level)

Assistant Instructor (1 year of training at this rank is required plus Black Belt required for progression)

Instructor (1 year of training and at least Black Belt required)

Paid Instruction Opportunities – exist for all IDP members who have achieved Black Belt 1st Dan and being a minimum age of 14 years, subject to a role being available and satisfactory references, DBS Check and Formal Interview.  Just like all members of the TMA Team you will be expected to maintain both your Martial Art and IDP memberships during your employment.  

Comprehensive Training Manuals – I have worked exceptionally hard to completely revamp our training manuals for each position within the IDP.  Almost all areas of the training have been updated to reflect our values and facilitate better learning in line with industry standards.  In the past, IDP members have received stapled copies, in 2019 they will manuals will be wire bound and will feature attendance and assignment sections which will form a valuable record of their training.  These manuals will also be of a standard that could be used as evidence of teaching, responsibility or other important life skills when applying for University or first employment.

Transferable Skills – it goes without saying that we are teaching our members to be fantastic martial arts instructors but of course the leadership and communication skills they are developing through the programme are readily appreciated by other organisations as well.  TMA is happy to act as a reference for any member of our Instructor Programme who is seeking employment, applying for University or entering the armed forces or emergency services.  In fact, we know that the Armed Forces and Emergency Services prioritise people who have earned a Black Belt and have taken part in structured Leadership training such as our programme. 

Peace of Mind – one final area that always presents itself in a contact-sport environment is Liability and Insurance.  In the past, members of the IDP were always covered by our general insurance policy.  From 2019 we will be increasing our cover to all volunteers within the programme.  This is because you may be leading sections of the class (under supervision) and we want you to have peace of mind that you are covered.

IDP Membership – a small IDP membership will now be required for all members who wish to participate in the training programme.  IDP membership includes:-
10 IDP Training Classes Per Year (last Weds of Every Month exc Dec & Aug) at 7pm in Dojo 2
Instructor T-Shirt According to their Rank
Comprehensive Instructor Development Programme Manual according to their Rank
IDP Insurance
The cost of membership is £150 per annum, paid in monthly instalments of £12.50 per month.


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