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In this edition of TMA Role Models we meet Tring's very own Town Crier, Steve Berry who has been training at Tring Martial Arts with his son Matt for almost 5 years.

NAME  Steve Berry AGE 56

GRADE / BELT Brown Belt – White Stripe with 2 x Black Tags (May 2019) DATE JOINED 2014

1. How did you learn about Tring Martial Arts?
My son Matt was (and still is) a student and invited me to a “Father and Son” week

2. Why did you choose to join Tring Martial Arts Academy?

I really liked the atmosphere and the welcome and was keen to undergo a regular exercise event – I had a cross-trainer at home which I found a little solitary and boring

3. How does your training help with your school / work? (Better focus, Concentration, More Organised, More Energy etc)
For me, training enables me to put everything in perspective. If I’d had a tough and/or stressful day it enables me to park those stresses and challenges and go back at them with renewed vigour and pragmatism 

4. How do you maintain your school/work/life balance, has there ever been a time when school or work was threatening to get in the way of training and what was your thought process behind your decision to keep training? What was the outcome?

Life and work all blend together and we are constantly busy. It’s important to embrace that rather than fight it as it is what it is, and in reality it makes for a full life and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

As I get older it is really important to me to keep exercising, to keep fit, and to push myself and to “be the best I can be!” 

5. Did you ever feel like quitting training? (If so, what or who stopped you)

No. I would feel really annoyed with myself if I stopped going. As I said to Shihan Chris – and many other people on many occasions – there are many times when I can make excuses for not attending, but I park them and I go, but ultimately you will never regret attending a training class. The buzz afterwards is wonderful, and the inspiration and satisfaction of grading and passing is one of the best feelings there is.

This is why – with the recent death of my brother – and my current injury (for which I am undergoing physiotherapy and working on a specific training plan with Shihan Chris and the Team) it has been really important to me to “catch up” on classes and keep pushing and keep grading, and working to that black belt – which I hope to get to by 2021.  

6. Can you tell me 5 areas where training in the martial arts at TMA has improved your life?

a. Life Skills (More confident, dedicated, respectful)

I find I am calmer, more respectful, and more disciplined. I also want to be kinder to others who are staring on their journey, as others have been kind to me on mine.

b. Wellbeing (how is your mood, much more positive?)

I’ll refer to my answer to question 5 here

c. Health / Fitness (are you fitter, stronger, toned?)

I feel healthier and stronger and am very pleased with my current weight and toning etc. and was delighted when my GP described me as “extremely fit” in his referral letter to the Physio! 

d. School / Work Life (are you more confident, able to focus better, achieving good grades?)

I changed jobs in 2016 after 25 years at my previous employer. I’ve never been happier in work and life than I am now, and TMA is core to that. Long may it continue and improve.

e. Home Life (do you get on better with your siblings or significant other / parents?)

Yes, I would say that my relationship with my wife and children is better than it’s ever been (it’s always been good!). My relationship with my parents had been strained for many years, but with the recent death of my brother we have been very much brought together and are working to put a lot of historic pettiness aside.

We would like to thank Steve for his candid interview and look forward to seeing him continue to progress!

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